Fun with Floormats

10 Hardy Highlanders gathered for today’s lung-beater and test of their God-like character (mainly grace) for my inaugural Q. 

SSH x 15
Cotton Picker x15

The Thang:
Mosey to upper HCE lot and line up for Indian Sprints. 
Indian Sprint down parkway- left on Shelley- left on Ridge- left to middle school track
Cinder block sprints: on grass outside of track fence
Teams of three sprint with block tied around waist to end of fence and back. Each PAX did 4 sprints. 
LBC/ Plank while waiting for the block to arrive.

On track:
Pair up and bear crawl relay to mid-field and back. 
Break out two groups of 5:
Sprint 100% effort straightaways and 50% effort jog around bends x4

Pair up and split track in half- first PAX sprints to partner and second PAX sprint relay to entrance

Mosey to upper HCE lot for Mary

Starting with Q and PAX choice until time is up.
·         W x15
·         Squirm x15
·         Merkins x 20 
·         Pretzel Twist x10 

Rookie Q miscues: 
·         Starting the Indian Sprint by getting pelted in the head by the sprinklers- Is there something similar to a tide chart I can refer to so we can avoid this next time?! Great perseverance getting through it without tripping all over each other.
·         Blocks ending up where there was no PAX- great improv as we all worked to get where the blocks were for our 4 sprints.  Some got 3 sprints some 5 so 4 was more of an average- grade on a curve I guess. 
·         Quickly realized that a full on sprint with the blocks strapped to us would cause liabilities our disclaimer probably wouldn’t cover- dang those cinder blocks were bouncing around! Nice job not taking out the team next to you.
·         Sorry if your name isn’t mentioned above- I forgot to break out the phone to record who showed up. Holla in comments!

Did my best but couldn’t wear down Chowder and Pavarotti in the sprints- way to call us higher. Thanks for letting me Q and bearing with the lack of flow. Next time will work out better.

(Posted on behalf of Co-Ed)

3 thoughts on “Fun with Floormats

  1. Pavarotti

    Great first Q, Co-Ed. I felt like the cinder blocks were still attached after 15 minutes of sprint, jog, sprint, jog.

    @octane – thx for the push today on the sprints.

    @chowder – strong today….and for the last the 4 months.

    @LawDawg – way to give it all finishing up the relay….it must have been your cinder block technique.

  2. LawDawg

    @Co-Ed, nice first lead. Always good to try some new things. We need to get some coupons back in the rotation. Maybe we can come up with a better place to store (“hide”) them this time.

    @Pavarotti, for some reason it’s easier when the fastest guy there gives you a nice lead. I heard just enough footsteps behind (from @Matlock, I think) to push me through the finish.

    Enjoyed it this morning men. See you in the gloom.

  3. Snare

    Running with cinder blocks tied around your waist? Sounds dangerous! Where were the floormats as the title suggests? That sounds safer.

    Congrats Co-ed! The next Q will be a snap with one already under your (cinder block) belt.

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