Refusniks Abound or Highlands Mock Mud Run

24 Pax including 1 FNG and 1 Naming

Read Disclaimer it was (or was intended to be) actually applicable today

The Mud Run

Form teams of 4 roughly equal speed


Exit School through cut through go across HC Pkwy

Do 80 Muscle ups on Brick wall as team


Go down towards front entrance of HC, go down the hill to Creek entry point. Enter Creek and move to the right to first cart bridge. Use teamwork to get team out of creek onto bridge

Do 200 Air Squats as a team


Haul it to Cart Bridge by Lake

Bear Crawl Across whole Bridge


Haul it to playground off cart path, take path around to the right it will be on your left

Do 120 Pull Ups and 200 Merkins as a team


Haul it to Prosperity park to sand volleyball court

Low Crawl across sand and back (long ways)

100 Burpees as a team

This timed out pretty perfect, lead group did more Muscle ups and the 6 came in right at time.


– Wan’t to lead off by praising the teammates I shared this run with @Chowder, @Shazam and @Derby zero hesitation going into the creek. Maybe you didn’t have a choice but thanks anyways to me it was the best part #PrimalInstincts

-I put the plan for today out there last night to view but if you weren’t at HDHH or don’t check Twitter regularly you had no idea about this morning. One part Cruise, One Part Bootcamp, Dash of 2nd F here, dash of Sand and Water there and Boom

-It was a nice change in my opinion this morning, I’m sure people thought it was going to be something that was completely CSAUP but I enjoy a lighter post too, rarely

-Greatwork by everyone staying as a team, picking up reps for your teammates, everyone put in the effort

-Last not


3 thoughts on “Refusniks Abound or Highlands Mock Mud Run

  1. #1

    Nicely done, Winnebago! I enjoyed the change of pace and everybody pushing to get the team reps done. Kinda bummed I didn’t do the creek crawl, but none of the other penguins were going in, so…

    One of the guys missing from the list is Octane who was not on my team, but deserves kudos for chipping in and doing some extra burpees to help our team supplement our totals.

  2. Winnebago Post author

    I enjoyed this morning a lot. It was intended to be something different from what we normally do, and I wanted to get in the creek. Competition always brings out the best in the Pax and I for one was really pushed this morning, even more than I expected.

    Frodo yes we can do this again in the future and hopefully more people will take the plunge, once you make the choice to get in the water I think it adds a fun element we never have. That was my 5th time in the creek, I incorrectly said 4 this morning. I did it one other time to prepare for a SPEARHEAD session and it had rained a ton and was over my waist.

    Thanks again for buying in (for the most part) and trying something different.

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