Streaking the Quad

27 #F3Frat brothers decided to try and relive those college days of binge weekends then recover Monday…Instead of a weekend soiree that would lead to something of an awful idea of streaking on my alma mater’s campus we instead chose to Streak the Quad (4 parking decks) today….

It went something like this….23 completed the #TripleCrown….and 4 studs got the #QuadCrown!

Streaking the Quad:

Partner up (preferably with someone that runs about the same pace)

Run 0.9 miles to the North Deck

Start at the ground floor stairway in the far corner

Partner A: Run to other end of deck and return

Partner B: Monkey Humpers AMRAP

flip flop repeato at each level all the way to the top

return to bottom and proceed to Union Deck (via Cameron Blvd)

Start at the ground floor stairway in the corner

Partner A: Run to other end of deck and return

Partner B: Alternating staggered hand Mericans AMRAP

flip flop repeato at each level all the way to the top

return to bottom and proceed to West Deck (via Cameron Blvd)

Start at the ground floor stairway in the corner

Partner A: Run to other end of deck and return

Partner B: Burpees AMRAP

flip flop repeato at each level all the way to the top

return to bottom and proceed to CRI Deck (via Cameron Blvd turn left on Phillips)

Start at the ground floor stairway in the corner

Partner A: Run to other end of deck and return

Partner B: 8-count body builder AMRAP

flip flop repeato at each level all the way to the top

return to bottom and proceed to Kohl’s (Synder Rd to traffic circle)

MARY-Led by Col.Mustard

Low flutter x 15

Low dolly x 20

LBCs x 20


Greek Letter Moleskine:

1. Uh…I thought with such a strong group we’d be repeating and finishing at the West Deck….It’s ok if a guy dreams, right?

2. Huge T-Claps to Bull, SS Minnow, The Nanny(AP-Doppleganger), Frodo for completing the Quad Crown…streaking the complete Quad and not getting arrested!

3. Who knew those parking decks were so freaking long! I guess I should of recon better (nah)…those monkey humpers at North Deck, and alternating staggered hand merkins at Union Deck looked great on paper…doesn’t it always though…

4. Chowder saying he hate’s me for making him do something he enjoys while doing monkey humpers was awkward, I think I understood, but it was awkward.

5. Thanks to the NoCo for heeding the call and posting….8 strong ventured to see the #Eldorado thingy! 19 of MECA’s finest makes this trip all worth the while…great group of brothers!

6. Thanks for the drive to get better and be better men! S/O to Winnebago, Col., Chowder, Scrap, Jenny, bootstrap….you kept pushing and I kept trying to stay ahead! Iron Sharpens Iron….it happened all over the place this morning!

7. Thanks for the opportunity to lead Col. Mustard, who knew that campus was so hilly!

Be inspired today men, and lead on!

Humbly submitted

Mini Me

16 thoughts on “Streaking the Quad

  1. Jolly Roger

    I was wrong, you don’t have to be able to spell to come up with a great workout. I enjoyed seeing the sites from my college days, although most of them I don’t remember being there.
    Great to see an old friend, Tomlin, in the Pax. F3 Texas coming???
    Great 2nd F w/Prof & 9lives this AM as we talked about real life stuff 🙂

  2. 9 Lives

    That was indeed a tough one this morning. I was glad to have Gulfstream as a partner. He pushed me during the workout and probably plans to push me around at work today, too. Mini-Me, you are a pain seeking MASOCHIST! All you guys inspire me to want to be better. Thanks for the universal inspiration in the gloom. Also, I was in traffic trying to get home from an F3 workout this morning. What the heck? It may have been due to the 2ndF at Starbucks afterwards, but who can keep track. Thanks JR and Prof. (btw, my kids suggested that your M be called Mary Ann or Ginger if she hasn’t been named already)

  3. Frodo

    Great lead, Mini Me. I was wondering when someone would lead us to other parts of campus besides the El Dorado deck. Congrats for taking that step. With that said, don’t EVER make us do that again! That was brutal.

    @Minnow and @Bull – great push this morning. I know I ran harder and worked more because of you guys. @Nanny was right. We were running to first deck and he told me “those two guys will be pushing the pace this AM”. It was fun trying to catch you all morning.

    @Nanny – great run. It was different rooting for you to go faster on the deck sprints. Usually I’m secretly hoping you will slow down. Enjoyed the change of working with you.

    @ Pax – great to see 25+ out this morning. We do this every Monday. Hope to see you all again in 7 days.

  4. Colonel Mustard

    Dirty knees and dirty hands… #walkofshame?

    @MiniMe – T-Claps for the Q brother. I couldn’t of planned a better way to experience the AO. That was the first time we have ventured from the North Deck and oh boy I am sure the wheels were turning for some of the Q’s.

    I think I lied to @Frodo. I mentioned something about the other decks not having so many levels, well that was wrong. #mindtricks

    I am still in awe of our #Respect(@SSMinnow) leading the PAX, just amazing! T-claps to @Bull, @Frodo, and @Nanny for taking Team 1st and Team 2nd.

  5. Tomlin

    Jolly Roger, good to see you too man! You bet there’s gonna be a Texas flag planted before too long. #FreedToLead
    T-claps to @Chowder for encouraging me to come today…and for telling me the El Dorado is easy…#lies

  6. The Nanny

    @MiniMe That was a great and creative way to not only explore the campus, but mix up the pain at each parking garage. I love the looks I have been getting today when co-workers ask why I am sweating in my office. Yes, still sweating. Office us usally 68 degrees when I come in…today it is up to 75. Is it due to heat outside…global warming…or excess body heat still being shed from running around parking decks all morning….

    @Minnow Ditto above. Mad respect for your fitness – and more so for your willpower to continue pushing. During our runs on deck #1 I figured giving you and @Bull a lead was ok, b/c we would certainly pull you in as the morning got tough. Wrong. Won’t make that mistake again.

    @Bull In my world, I have crowned you the king of El Dorado. When you pulled in today it was a mixed response; glad to have the level of competition that you bring but knowing that it was going to really hurt to stay with you. Iron.

    @Frodo Next time can you speed it up a bit? I mean come on, how hard would it have been to reel that 58 year old? He can’t be that fast…he’s 58!

    @Bootstrap Instead of jealously watching me eat breakfast part A in front of the Camry on the asphalt, bring some next week. Don’t make me eat alone! I promise that getting that nutrition in the body that quick after the workout really helps with how you feel that day – and especially the next.

    1. Frodo

      @Nanny…Think we’ll be that fast at 58? Probably not, since we aren’t that fast at 38 and 39. I mean, we’re only 20 years younger than he is. Remember, we did alternate who was running the decks with/against Bull and Minnow…amd I didn’t see you reeling him in either. The bar has been set. Time for us to get faster!!!

      1. Bull2

        @MiniMe – Great lead. I never thought it would be that tough when I saw it on the pre-blast. I was totally wrong.

        @Frodo & @Nanny – Great push you guys. I wanted to dial it back many times, but you guys kept on chugging along. I don’t think I would have finished it if @Nanny hadn’t suggesting coming back tomorrow to give it another shot if we didn’t finish it. I am glad I could ride @SS Minnow’s coat tails.

        @SS Minnow – I would feel bad about giving the “Let’ go” to any other #RESPECT out there….but not you. You totally smoked it this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the run with you @Frodo and @Nanny, even if I couldn’t speak for 50 minutes of it.

  7. Mini Me Post author

    Thanks Guys! Uh…is anyone have trouble moveing their hips…Wow that monkey business was no joke!

    Forgot to mention we covered roughly 5 miles today…I forgot that #QuadCrowns went a little further than the rest of us….it felt like forever!

    Sorry, couldn’t catch the couple names on my recording device thingy…Tomlin…is the other guy Oz?

    Appreciate yall letting me explore….BTW…if yall are looking another triple deck challenge, look on the north side of campus…3 decks run parallel..believe they are called the East decks…be afraid…very afraid! (That’s for you 9Lives)

    Although I poke fun at Jolly Rogers #WeakofthePirate that guy is truly not WEAK at all…I’m glad you posted…this campus has grown so much…we gotta catch a football game sometime…WAIT…wonder if we can get access to the football…ummm…never mind

    1. Jolly Roger

      Enjoyed it Mini Me, AMRAP Monkey Humpers after a mile run…B.S.
      I thought you just couldn’t spell, now I am offended. But I will still take you up on the game, given the fences are open.
      I am up for the Q whenever it is available, Next Exercise: Balls to the Belk Tower!

  8. Winnebago

    This was a great morning. First got to give t-claps to my partner in crime repping the skins team @Scrappy, many of you know him but for those who don’t he is someone you always want on your team, always positive and encouraging, will give 100% in all things. It was great to share this morning with you even if were too winded to do much 2nd F. The company was enjoyed.

    @Mini Me, you shook us out of our habit of only using the North Deck, showed us all the possibilities. The longer runs made it seem so much more tough as it is usually a shorter burst and then PT. Pushing for more than just the trip home is mentally and physically exhausting.

    During the run to the first deck @Minnow and @ Bull were really hoofing it and I said they would slow down eventually, not as an insult but because well everyone (else) does. Whoever said that they wouldn’t you were correct. I was a sight to see as long as you were still in sight which wasn’t that long.

    To all the other Pax splendid job, once upon a time @Col Mustard was by his own admission not a strong runner, those days are gone. You and @Chowder on the most improved performer list. Going from Strong to really strong is a lot harder than weak to strong.

    @Tomlin for the record whenever anyone ever tells you something in F3 is easy rest assured it is not. However you did very well and should know it is just the beginning. Posts like El Dorado is where you get the extra work that takes you to that next level.

    I always go to bed excited sunday night knowing that we have El Dorado on Monday. See you next week.

  9. Snare

    @MiniMe and the rest of the Isotope clown car passengers, THANKS! This was my first true Monday El Dorado event (does 4th of July beatdown count) and it did not dissapoint. Thanks for Q’ing and uncovering the other parking decks. The El Dorado AO just increased exponentially.

    @Bling/@LawDawg – thanks for including me in the threesome…errr, trifecta. LawDawg was strong on every deck run. Bling, sorry we missed us at deck #3, level 4. We ran in the cool breeze and you didn’t see us through the columns.

    @Chowder – thanks for the ride. @ColMustard – was there a post-beatdown “throne” visit?

    1. Bling

      @Snare- great showing today! You really kept the trifecta going! @LawDawg- glad you didn’t FS- great motivation today.

  10. SSMinnow

    @Frodo and @Nanny … El Dorado this morning is what F3 is about (at least the first 2 F’s) … pushing the limits: no way would @Bull and I have made it through those 4 decks without the two of you running neck and neck with us (#couldnotshakeyou) … I stayed afterward and enjoyed (as always) the 2nd F parking lot conversations too

    @Mini Me … super new workout, especially for the running inclined! Great way to start the work week. All the @Pax are stronger for having done this one.

  11. scrappy

    Chowder…thankfully MadScientist only has one parking deck.

    Looks like it pays to Highlands Cruise!

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