Fresh Off the Bench

With Sun Dial out due to an injury, YHC was pulled off the bench to fill-in as Q.  25 Pax posted to see what the back-up had in store for them.

x-denotes 4 count cadence


  • LBC x30
  • Squirm x25
  • Reverse LBC x20
  • WWII Situps x10

Bear crawl to the corner of the football field climbing over, through, or under the split-rail fence.

The Thang:

  • Air squats- 20 oyo
  • Sprint to Goal Post
  • Merkins- 10 OYO
  • Sprint Back to Corner

Repeato over and over while sending two Pax at a time, hand over hand, across the goal post to the other side. Once on the other side:

  • Merkins- 10 OYO
  • Sprint to Corner
  • Air Squats- 20 OYO
  • Sprint to Goal Post

Repeato until all Pax make it across the goal post.

Walking Lunge to the first corner, plank while waiting for PAX, then sprint to the concession stand.

  • Peoples Chair w/alternate leg lifts
  • Peoples Chair with Air Press

Mosey to sand bags and pick up two for the four kids.

Mosey to the split-rail fence at the top of the hill. Bear crawl slalom between the top and bottom rail, and around each post of the fence until the second break in the fence.

  • LBC until all Pax finish the fence.

Mosey to log hill.

  • Step ups on bleachers- 20 each leg OYO

Find a log.  We even found one for the kids so they didn’t have to use the sand bags.

  • Log Press x15
  • Log Curls x12

Line up the logs parallel to each other on the ground with spaces between them.

  • Sprint and hurdle over logs to the end, then circle around to the start.
  • Forward sprint along first log, side step, backwards run along second log, side step, and continue pattern to the end. Circle around to the start.
  • Repeato four times.
  • Jack Webb 1:2 up to 7:14

Pick up logs.

  • Log Press x15
  • Log Curls x12

Return the logs, pick up the unused sand bags, and mosey to the large traffic circle.

  • Plank on the curb while sliding to the right, last Pax runs to the front of the line and resumes Plank.  Last Pax to pass a sand bag has to carry it with him.

Mosey to return the sandbags.

Mosey to turn-around for Mary.


  • LBC x29
  • Squirm x 16
  • Crunchy Frog x 13
  • WWII Situps x 9
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley- includes Homer, Marge, Rosalita and Dolly.  Lucky Homer.



  1. Word is some of those logs had fire ants, or at least one fire ant. Sorry @Checkmate.
  2. Thanks for letting me fill-in this morning. It was fun.  I’m looking forward to leading on Tuesday as well. See you all in the gloom.



2 thoughts on “Fresh Off the Bench

  1. escalade

    Wow… F3 Dad’s had a draw. 6 of us were running Crowders Mtn. Gamma is on vacation and we still had 25 strong?! Impressive group and sorry I had to miss it. Looks like a good one Deuce.

    1. Deuce Post author

      Yes, our Pax is strong. I was expecting in the teens with everything else that was going on. Great job every one.

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