@Bootstrap says, “You’re Welcome”

Eight (8) fleet footed PAX launched into the gloom for some solid speed repeatos in preparation for improved performance at the Fall USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run on Oct 4. Oh, haven’t heard about it? Then you’ve been sleeping in COT.  Sign up now!  Here’s the info (link).  Go ahead… get on with it.  We’ll wait here patiently until you get back.

OK, please excuse that commercial interruption.  And now, back to our regularly scheduled backblast.

The Thang
Spit the New And Improved Disclaimer (yes, it’s a thing) for any HateHateHates and their diddys. #TalkingInAVacuum.  Let’s do work.

Mosey out walk path and left on HCP. @LawDawg threatens YHC with endless physical abuse if we’re going to the Skyline hill. Not to worry, my #SublimeGuy brother… I’ll save that for another day when we can inflict it on a greater number of PAX.  Instead, the select men that fought the FS and risked enough to post today get a special @Bootstrap treat.  Meander our way through the golf course at 2ndF pace, behind the driving range to clear out the spider webs for later pedestrians, left on Cambridge Bay and right on Whistlers Chase (WC) to HCP.  At the corner, halt and regroup.

Decided to pull out a solid @Bootstrap beatdown from this past winter:
– Run a half mile to back entrance at slightly faster than 5k pace
– Recover
– Run a half mile back to the intersection of WC and HCP
– Recover
– Rinse and repeat x 2

After completing the first repeato set (4 x 0.5 miles), some PAX were ready to head back. Request denied. Two #refuseniks (one on IR and one just plain whipped) dug in their heels and stayed planted at the intersection, while the rest simultaneously checked the clock and launched the next interval… YHC calls an audible.  Pull up at 0.2 miles, halt/recover and repeat with AYG back to the intersection.  So net was:
– 0.5 miles x 4
– 0.2 miles x 2

Mosey back to HCE by way of shortcut across the driving range.  Clear some more cobwebs in the Golf Club parking lot and arrive back with 2 minutes left for COT.  When @Bootstrap led this winter, the PAX managed to execute 0.5 miles x 6.  Now, I’m not sayin’ anything… I’m just sayin’.  #QFail

Then again, now that I think about it, he ran over time that day. #QSuccess


– Did I mention that you need to sign up for the Mud Run (deadline July 15.)  Oh that’s right… you already did that earlier in the backblast, didn’t you?  What? You didn’t??!! Sign up NOW.
– F3 Dads – 7am tomorrow at Mallard Creek Park – Bring the 2.0s and your authentic enthusiasm… leave the FEBA for #ElDorado on Monday.
– Speaking of El D… 5:15am Monday at Kohl’s parking lot (UNCC); NoCo’s legend-(wait for it)-ary Mini-Me is bringing his pickax, a clown car or two of NoCo brothers, and a little something called… oh… The Triple Crown.  Sorry @Nanny, this Crown isn’t found in a Tervis Tumbler.  Not to be missed.
– Please keep Walker Phillips, our F3 Columbia brother Nail Pop’s 2.0, in your prayers: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerphillips
– Get your free Slurpee today at participating 7-Eleven stores.  You don’t get that kind of value from every Chowder Q.

3 thoughts on “@Bootstrap says, “You’re Welcome”

  1. Chowder Post author

    Solid work by the PAX this morning. Not easy… especially finding that pacing groove that you can maintain throughout all 6 (or 4) reps. Certainly tough to dig deep deep on the later ones, especially if you went out too hard on the first couple, but you guys gutted through it – good job. I think we could have squeezed that last set of 2 in there, but then we couldn’t have WALKED during our mosey back. Do I have to threaten to take us to the track? #NotNASCAR #OvalsBoreMe

    @TheNanny – way to set a solid pace this morning. If that’s your “slightly faster than 5k” pace, I’d hate to be in your AG for your next race. #sub20

  2. Dropcloth

    Between yesterday and today’s speed I think someone has shot me in the ***! I’m having a mighty difficult time getting around.

    Solid lead today @Chowder (and nice write up), I hated every minute of it which makes it a great one! As @Law Dawg pointed out our pace getting out to the “speed” part of it was hard enough!

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