Some old faces

17 of the Highlands faithful (including some old timers -Beave, Haskel, and Hammer and one FNG- welcome) arrived in the gloom for Pox’s return the helm after a 6 month hiatus from taking the lead.  In typical form, Pox attempted to do a 1 hour workout in 45 minutes, by Snare’s timepiece, it only took 46 minutes and went something like this:

Active Warm-Up:

  • Frankenstine walk (same leg/arm, opposite leg/arm)
  • Atlas lunge stretch
  • Active lunge (elbow to heel)
  • Inchworm merkins
  • Slow mosey


  • SSH x 10
  • Apollo Ohnos x 15
  • Pox’s 24hr plank clock (ICx5): 0:00-merkins/3:00-peterparkers/6:00-starmerkins/9:00-parkerpeters/12:00wide merkins/15:00-mountainclimbers/18:00-merkins/21:00-plankjacks/24:00-plank

Mosey to stairs for some spiderman starcase merkins

Plank-up and begin cackallalallack choo-choo until Pax complete spidy staircase

Mosey to wall and await instructions for 5x5x5x5:

  • Run up to hill by field, jumping bar muscle-ups x 5
  • Run back to wall, one balls to wall, hold for 5 seconds
  • Run up opposite hill, squats x5
  • Run back to wall, one balls to wall, hold for 5 seconds
  • Repeat entire cycle 5 times holding balls to wall to exhaustion on final set.

Mosey to track/football field and partner-up

  • Partner build-a-house (plank and army crawl) to mid field
  • Wheelbarrow to sideline, switch partner, wheelbarrow back to mid field
  • Parter build-a-house to sideline
  • Parter ham raises x 10

Mosey back to parking lot to stategically placed yellow automobile for some Pax Alstott teamwork:

Push pox’s mazda up-hill on dogwood road, Pax who is not pushing walk/run backwards, REPETO

Mosey back to for COT


Sweaty-man moleskin:

  • Lots of fun to be back at the helm at Highlands.  It was like old times with Haskel, Hammer, and the Beave keeping me company along with all the familiar and not-so-familiar faces
  • thanks to the Pax for indulging my love of the ‘Alstott’ – which is car pushing (for those who don’t know who Mike Alstott is look up on old post from Pox on the F3 site)
  • Welcome to our FNG Scott, hope to see you again soon


4 thoughts on “Some old faces

  1. Pox Post author

    Follow-up note to Pax, I heard the dissapointment on the lack of serious squat work and the fact Pox has retired the PVC pipes (were used Pox 2.1’s summer project). HAVE NO FEAR! – Highlands gets a double dose of Pox this month with a second lead on the 24th, you have to show to know.

    Great work everyone

  2. Hammer

    @Pox, as usual….ouch! I’m hurting by now.

    @#1, I had a hard time keeping up with you today, way to push it. #respect.

    @pax, great to see all, old and new. This f3 thing is something special.

  3. The Beave

    Well, when you hear @Pox is back, you think two things: PVC and pain. PVC was missing, so he apparently doubled up on the pain!

  4. The Nanny

    @Pox Always can count on some innovative and new (at least to me) exercises when you have the lead. That partner build a house and the ham raises were new ones for me. Good stuff.

    @Chowder Glad you recovered so well from the double calfy cramp. And just think – after Pox showed us proper form during my cheater reps, you almost did one rep correctly….

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