Had never heard about this Starfish idea until joining F3. Without a doubt it works! 15 at the Iron Fist is awesome, honestly never thought we would be where we are.

Warm up -arm circles, SSHx20, cotton pickers

Blocks-10 slow bicep curls-5 count, lunges to hill,10 shoulder press-5 count,lunges back

Pull up bars-partner up

-palms away 5 slow -5 count while partner does 10 slow merkins -x3

Back to blocks-need 2-farmer carry to hill, Merkins IC, shoulder press, Derkins IC, farmer carry back to start -Shoulder press IC

Pull Ups -3 sets of 5-partner assist if needed

More merkins mixed with elbow plank

Mary -LBC and W


1.  Lots of mumblechatter today!

2. Was someone complaining that we had to do merkins two days in a row?

3 thoughts on “Starfish!

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @magma – well done! Awesome workout that pushed me to my limits.

    @Toro – thanks for partnering up this morning, and way to push through the pull ups/chin ups!

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