The Virgin Q Superset, With More Than 1Burpee and Sprint.

An astonishing 33 men arose from the fartsack to sprint holes through the thick summer air for a superset workout at the tradition for my virgin Q.


SSH x 15ic
Arm circles x 10ic forward x 10ic reverse
windmill x 15ic
mt. climbers x 15ic

The Thang:

Mosey to North end of PVA ( cop term, Public Vehicular Area ) for a sprint/burpee combo.

-sprint to bottom of lot and complete 5 Burps. Sprint back and plank until last man returns . Repeato until 1, upon return on last sprint, 10 burpees.

Pushup/Crunch Superset ( OYO )

Repeat 5 cycles of or 10 minutes:

– 10 regular merkins
– 10 flutter kick
– 10 wide merkins
– 10 flutter kick
– 10 tricep merkins
– 10/10 Left/Right baby crunches

Man Vs Man: Partner up for some one on one push pull resistance.

– partner one pushes shoulders of partner 2 while he gives adequate resistance from curb to curb and return, switch and repeat.
– grab hands and pull your unwilling partner back to curb, return and switch.

Suicide Sprint:

Sprint from North curb edge to first line and complete 5 merks, 2nd line, 3rd and done.


flutter kick x 15ic
The worm x 15ic
Little baby crunch x 20ic

Such an honor to lead a group of leaders, the polar opposite of the blind leading the blind. Don’t worry, my next Q, everyone will be issued their guns. Can’t expect to get them on the first go around. Hard work everyone, and again, it was an absolute pleasure to lead. I messed up a few times and learned a couple Q lessons. Looking forward to the opportunity again very soon!




15 thoughts on “The Virgin Q Superset, With More Than 1Burpee and Sprint.

  1. Colonel Mustard

    Did I read that right, 33? T-claps on the #’s. There is some serious EHing going on over there. Looks like I need to come pay a visit as it has been a while.

    @Striker – looks like a solid full body beatdown. Thanks for stepping up to Q. All you need to do now is jump back in a Q spot soon and learn from those mistakes. We all make them but learning from them is key! Lean on your lead Q’s for guidance and support.

  2. Dingo

    @striker – great Virgin Q!!! I didn’t notice the misQ’s? Maybe because I was totally spent after those burpee sprints!! Great work!!

    33 pax!! It was like a convergence out there!!

    @col mus – it has been too long! Sign up brother and come whip us into shape!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    @striker – great workout this morning. I really enjoyed it. I also didn’t notice any mistakes. You wore us out.

    I agree with Dingo, 33 PAX! It was pretty cool to see that many men out there.

    @Colonel Mustard – I think I’m ready for another beatdown.

  4. Pharaoh

    No, seriously, when is the workout going to start? Great job and it was lots of fun too!

  5. Striker Post author

    @Colonel Mustard, the only way to learn is to do it.

    @DIngo, thanks for volunteering me to Q, it was well worth it

  6. FunkyBunch

    @striker outstanding Q today. Mistakes? None that I saw. You defiantly hushed the mumble chatter. Great job!

    I think @mandown requested to be 1st for tazzer training.

    @col. mustard sounds like you have been called out. #watchtyawaitinon

    @pax great job by all today

    1. Dingo

      Uh oh……why do I feel like the caged tiger we were prodding just escaped and is coming to tear us apart!! Lol! Looking forward to it mustard! Thanks for supporting the Tradition AO!

    2. Man Down

      That’s the day after I get back from a 10-day vacation…just the accountability I needed to keep me active over the break!

  7. Man Down

    @Striker, Excellent job young Padawan. I trained you well. Now the master has become the student. 😉

  8. MrBelding

    @striker- nice work! The sprints were a killer and you kept it interesting. Looking forward to the next one.

    @pax- 33! Thats an impressive showing today.

  9. Skipper

    Ahoy, 33 pax doesn’t surprise me based on the EHing and commitment of leaders like @Striker. Sorry I couldn’t make it 34 today. Congrats on your VQ! Missing the US gloom.

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