Concord – Pack your bags… We’re headed to Atlantic City …


Warm up
Toe Touches
Cotton Pickers 12x
Side Stretches
SSH 15x
Merkins 8x

The Thang
Each pax grabs a 25lb gravel sack, carries and uses it in the exercises for the following variation on Monte Carlo – Three stations (legs, arms, core) with four exercises each. Each exercise has an assigned card suit (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs). With a deck of cards (2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s taken out), When pax arrive at station, one card is randomly picked. Carry out two sets of the exercise according to the number and suit on the card. Draw a joker, then draw another card and double the count (its your lucky day). Run to next station and follow through until it’s time for mary.

How did we do?

Leg Extensions – 26x
Goblet Squats – 20x
Lunges – 88x

LBC’s – 32x
Crab-ups (undulating bridge formation with gravel bag in the saddle) – 18x
Mason Twists – 44x

Merkins – 12x
Overhead Press – 32x
Curls – 67x

Run with Bag 1.5 miles

1 minute Plank
Slow bicycles (four count) – 30x

Coolest morning since Spring – maybe explains the good turnout (for a Saturday).
Great to see Liger back again, and we were honored with Nail’s first Saturday appearance (shudder to think what would happen if he had a whole hour to Q us – nah, that’ll never happen on a Saturday)
CUJO! ALPHA BEAST – Leading the sled team around the grounds. His gravel sack was screamin’ trying to hold onto him.
Glad everyone survived running through the mulch forest (only it ain’t mulch yet. It’s a 4 inch carpet of splinters covering roots and gopher holes – fun fun fun! run run run!) and down the 9 ft drop without any wipeouts (was just waiting for it to happen though. Maybe we should go over the disclaimer again…)

People are starting to talk about the Fall USMC Mud Run. Don’t be left behind on the porch.

Please remember Shelly in your prayers…

Everyone rose to the occasion. Good job, guys. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to Q.

Until next time in the gloom…


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  1. Moses

    great looking workout. so you concord guys know how to get after it too? I’m looking forward to seeing you field a couple teams for the mudrun. whatcha got?

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