Endurance, Intervals, and 16 SAVES

8 PAX met at  the Coal Train to pay respects to Tim Howard and his record setting 16 saves in the World Cup Match against Belgium.


Light jog with high skips, karoke, butt kickers ending at the OVAL OF TRUTH (circular running track abutting Georgia St.)

All IC unless specified

16 Air Squats
16 Jumping Lunges
16 Broad Jumps (single count)
16 Skip ISTs
16 Jump Squats (single count)
16 Side Lunges



Fartlek; derivation Swiss;

  1. An athletic training technique, used especially in running, in which periods of intense effort alternate with periods of less strenuous effort in a continuous workout.

PAX jogs around track at 60% effort on LAP 1; PAX RUNS around track at 80% effort LAP2; PAX SPRINTS MAX EFFORT around track on LAP 3. ALL done in series without stopping

RECOVERY x 2.5 minutes

REPEATO for a TOTAL OF 4 CYCLES FOR 20 minutes

Jacobs ladder 16 to 1 – Run from mid field up 2 embankments vaulting fence. One street side of fence do ALTERNATING JUMP LUNGES beginning at 16. Vault Fence run back to starting point and do 15 JUMP LUNGES. Run back up hills and fence and do 14..REPEATO stopping at 8 with time running short (10 minute sweat test).


MARY in Cadence

Marching Side Plank x 10

Low FLUTTER x 15

Brazilians x 15.


1. Many thanks to all who made the effort to pay homage to our US team and especially the valiant play of Tim Howard.  16 SAVES brothers.  You will remember the time when a goalie named Tim was a wall.  These are the days.

2. WC Soccer play has been great and I wanted to try to work something in that played back onto that theme of a current world sporting event.  I have been blown away by the fitness of these elite athletes that run 7 to 8 km in a game on average not to mention jumping, tackling, dribbling, pushing off, defending all at the same time.

3. Interval training, which is what FARTLEK running is, is basically running, walking, jogging, and sprinting over a time interval meant to increase aerobic endurance or length of time before you drop or hurl.

4. Endurance comes with LOADING which is to push your body to the aerobic limit of what you can do or LOAD it. You know you are there when you are gasping for air or when you hit a certain HR MAX or HURL. PROGRESSION- you have to UP the ante as you train because the old body will get fit and want to stay at a certain level and chill. In short you’ve got to keep pushing yourself. This is true in exercise and your faith life too. IF YOU AIN”T GROWING BRA YOUR DYING.   If you do a 45 min F3 workout and you are not sore the next day its time to RAMP IT UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL. RECOVERY is the final piece and is just as important to building endurance as you give your body time to heal and let muscle end units repair.  Taking a day off can be good for your performance in the long run.  GETTING enough SLEEP is equally important but not 12 hours a day like THE LUMBERG. Daily prayer is also a good thang too.  Know what I sayin?




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    There’s a bblast with heart. I’m going to find me a hill like that and play a Jacobs ladder tune on it.

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