Sidewalk chalk and circles of fun

19 Highlanders enjoyed a cyclical challenge with a special assist from YHC’s 2.0’s sidewalk chalk.

  • SSH x 15
  • IST x 15
  • Windmill x 15
  • Peter Parker x 10
  • Parker Peter x 10

Indian run around RRMS to the bus parking lot

  • 10 Pull-ups
  • 15 Derkins
  • 20 LBC
  • 15 Mtn climbers
  • Burpee broad jumps across the lot
  • 15 Dips
  • 10 Lunges per leg
  • REPEATO until Q calls time

Line up at BB hoop for series of sprints

Mosey to HCES middle lot for MARY

  • Reverse crunch x 12
  • Low dolly x 12
  • Pretzel crunch x 10 per side

Naked moleskin:

  1. Great effort to push through those sets today men, it wasn’t easy but you earned your chair today.
  2. T-claps to @ColMustard as he took the virtual trophy today… You were flying out there.
  3. There was quite a bit of mumble chatter from @Gump at the start of the workout, but he seemed a little tired once we got going.
  4. Great to see @PonyBoy and @Hammer back from injuries and some new faces including FNG Jon Rasmussen.


2 thoughts on “Sidewalk chalk and circles of fun

  1. Shazam Post author

    Proud of you all men. It’s always an honor to lead. That wasn’t fun the day after the Murph but if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Aye!

  2. Hammer

    Nice beatdown today Shazam. It was all you can put into it on your own, which is just what I needed today. The knee is sore, but manageable. I brought some frozen peas to the work out to ice it on the way home. Worked out great!

    Yeah, nice to see FNG’s always coming out. @Marie Callendar, War Daddy is earned, keep on coming out. @Dudley, I can see you getting faster and stronger…#keepcoming.

    @reddawn, nice fellowship with you today brother.

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