B.O.M.B causes Pongo to play hooky from Q school

7 #Tradition men meet in the humid gloom to swing some bells.

The Thang:

Deck o’ Cards:

Diamond = Merican; Heart = KB Swing; Club = KB Squat; Spade = Mary (you choose)

2 = double next card drawn; 3 = Sprint parking lot; 4 = Overhead KB carry to pull-up bars for 4 p/u; Jack = Plank Jacks x 11

After 45 minutes the Pax completed:

64 KB Squat

61 Mericans (various styles including backwards up stairs)

51 KB Swings

22 Plank Jacks

4 Parking lot sprints

3 Overhead KB walk to pull-up bars for 12 pull-ups

Various Mary exercises (mostly led by @Pongo)


1. @Dingo asked YHC to Q for @Pongo today so @Pongo could attend Q school.  No prob. During warmup I look over and notice…@Pongo?

2. Never heard the story as to why @Pongo played hooky from Q school, but we made him practice his cadence calling during much of the Mary exercises.

3. @Striker owned the sprints today, but @Toro made him earn it.

4. @Dutch is trying to challenge @MajorPain for #IronMan status. #4for4

5. Always great to have the #Highlands Godfather @Gump visit (right @MrBelding?)

6. Thanks for B.O.M.B.ing with us @Buckwheat. Hopefully it primed you for your beach vaca.



2 thoughts on “B.O.M.B causes Pongo to play hooky from Q school

  1. Skipper Post author

    Sorry BB is a little late fellas, but at least it’s the same day. Fun fact learned today: Mexican playing cards are different that American playing cards…really? @Toro seems more like a dice guy anyway.

  2. Gump

    @Skipper great Q, very close to a themed workout..

    I feel the backwards merkins up the stairs well soon become a fav with some of the pax!

    @Toro I don’t get the cards most of the time as well..

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