Kemosabe’s Birthday Gift

The pax showed up for Kemosabe’s birthday and we celebrated like this…

Mosey around parking lot
Burpee x 1 (OYO)
Burpee x 2 (OYO)
Seated Leg Stretch
Burpee x 4
Air Squats x 15

Mosey to Corner of Church
4 Corners
Corner #1 – Spider Man Merkins
Corner #2 – Jump Lunges
Corner #3 – Mountain Climbers
Corner #4 – W’s


Mosey to Outback
Burpees x 5

Partner up in outback
Partner 1 – Pull-ups
Partner 2 – LBC’s
Switch every 45 seconds (3 Rounds)

Mosey to Wall
Balls to the Wall/Peoples Chair

Jailbreak to Mary
LBCs’ x 15
Mason Twist x 15

The humid, sweaty, moist moleskin-
@pax- it was another hot one out there this morning guys. Thanks for coming out and you will get stronger.

@kemosabe- happy birthday man! Those laps around the church were my gift to you.

@uppercut, @dutch, @bearclaw- welcome to f3tradition this week!

@magma- way to lead the pax this morning. Looks like that knee is feeling better.

@funkybunch- speaking of knees, you got jellied this morning on balls to the wall. Rub some dirt on it, you’ll be alright.

12 thoughts on “Kemosabe’s Birthday Gift

  1. Magma

    @Belding- thanks, yeah knee was good today hopefully that stays the case! Great lead today you kept it interesting and challenging.

  2. FunkyBunch

    @mrbelding great beatdown this a.m.

    @calzone thanks for partnering up with me again.

    It’s god to see all the FNG’s. Seems like every week there are new guys out there.

  3. MajorPain

    @belding- Great beatdown this am! i am moaning getting up and down out of my chair at work.

    @skipper- thanks for partnering up, that jailbreak was a great idea.

    @pax- Thanks for listening and putting up with me!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    @mrbelding – always enjoy your beatdowns. Thanks for another good one.

    @Majorpain – Workouts wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t around!

    @Funkybunch – watch those knees brother. That wall will get you.

  5. Jason Kemp

    My first post at tradition didn’t disappoint. Nice beatdown @mrbelding! See ya’ll again tomorrow for the BOMB!

  6. Skipper

    @MrBelding – Well done with Q today! That mini-Q school really paid off, or maybe you weren’t really as bad as your Twitter-hater made you out to be.

    Welcome @BearClaw. I know you’re just visiting, but we hope you make it back again. Hopefully you’ve seen first hand that the “cult” your bro-in-law @Dingo is involved in is the good kind of cult.

    @Dutch, @UpperCut, and FNG-Kevin – Great meeting and sweating with you guys. Excited that you are part of the group!

    @Buckwheat (is that you, Jason Kemp?) Thanks for posting at #Tradition today. Hope you put #Tradition in your regular rotation. I don’t say that to all #Highlanders.

    @MajorPain – What can I say? When the US Joint Forces of @Skipper and @MajorPain merge, the world is a safer place (and the other #Tradition pax are screwed)!

  7. Dingo

    @Belding – Good lead today! Aye, the cadence counting was definitely improved 😉 Been practicing in the back shed?? Great use of the AO.

    @Magma – Good to see you back in top gear! I thought about chasing you down around the Church, but @Skipper was far too funny to leave behind.

    @Dutch – 3 days in a row in your first week!? We have another F3 addict!!

    @Uppercut – That is a great name…..nuff said

    @Sensei – Running to and from the workouts now!! That deserves a #respect all of its own!

    1. Skipper

      Leave me behind? I thought I was slowing down for you, @Dingo. I guess next time we need to push each other and not worry so much about the chatter. Though it was necessary and productive.

  8. Kemosabe

    Great Q Mr. Belding. You had me sweating like crazy. I knew when you said first thing this morning that you had a birthday surprise for Kemosabe it was going to be a good one. You didn’t let me down. With that workout I was actually able to have a big piece of birtday cake that I was provided with here at work today. See you guys later tonight at Eastfield Bar and Grill. I look forward to all the free birthday drinks. Who will be Qing for me tonight (I hear everyone now saying yeah right, water is on me).

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