Pyramid of Poses

W15 Pax posted to climb the pyramid of Warrior One poses, which surprisingly did not include the actual pose Warrior One.

But, first . . .

The Warmup:

x denotes four-count cadence

  • LBC x25,
  • The Squirm x25,
  • Reverse LBC x25,
  • WWII Situps x25.

Then . . .

The Thang:

Pyramid of Poses: Starting at Mountain pose, adding a pose each round and reversing the order on the way back to Mountain each round.

  • Mountain,
  • Salute,
  • Salute Side-Stretch Left,
  • Salute Side-Stretch Right,
  • Forward Fold,
  • Half-forward Fold,
  • Plank,
  • Crocodile,
  • Cobra or Honeymoon,
  • Down Dog,
  • Lunge,
  • Crescent,
  • Spinal Twist,
  • Warrior Two,
  • Extended Side-Angle,
  • Peaceful Warrior,
  • Triangle.

Mary (With Road Warriors)

  • LBC x33,
  • Crunchy Frog x10,
  • Elbow Plank w/optional extension of opposite arms and legs~1min,
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley, Includes: Homer, Marge, Dolly and Rosalita . . . Hold it!



  1. Lunchbox made his Warrior One debut, and he rode his bike to get there; nice way to start a workout. Thanks for coming out.
  2. The Pyramid started a little slow (as far as difficulty), but picked up as we got to the lunges.  Next time we may just have to stick with the lunges and add in a few variations, or maybe transition into some balancing poses. Sound off about it.
  3. Next week, YHC will be on vacation and Solo Cup will be the Guru.  He is all trained up, fresh off a Sunday practice session and ready to add his own style to Warrior One.




3 thoughts on “Pyramid of Poses

  1. Titleist

    Good to see Tumbler at a Warrior One. Welcome to the best broga in town, LunchBox. Deuce, you are getting better and better at brewing up a nice batch of positions I had no idea I could hold. I like the idea of getting some balance work in there. I know that really challenges me personally and I could use less clumsy in my life. ShowTunes, I have a pair of white tube socks my Grandpa left behind…really, you are scaring the children with those soccer socks. Stop scaring the children…

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