Been spending most our lives working out with Gangsta’s Paradise…

8 PAX joined Gangsta’s Paradise for his virgin Q at Iron Fist after deciding to forgo the Cruise this morning.


The Thang:

Mosey to the field for Warmup

20x SSH

20x IST

15x Cotton Pickers

Stretch with Arms/Arm Circles


Head to the Pull Up Bars

10 Regular Pull Ups (assist if needed)

10 Chin Ups (assist if needed)

30 second full extension hang


Grab the cinder blocks for some OYO exercises

15x Shoulder Press

15x Upright Rows

15x Two Hand Curls

Repeato with 12 reps, Repeato with 10 reps

20x cinder block Merkins (Repeato 3x)

20x cinder block dips (Repeato 3x)

15x Skull Crushers



LBC 30x

Low Flutter 20x

W 20x



1. Thank you for allowing me to Q this morning.  Definitely a great learning experience, and humbled to be able to lead a workout.

2. I think the #mumblechatter actually contributed to additional reps, so if that’s the case, keep it coming for the next time I lead (looking at you @Dingo, @Magma)

3. I counted 3 or 4 Ric Flair grunts from @Major Pain so I’d call that a successful beatdown

4. Welcome to Dutch FKA David Vroon! Props to @Sensei for a great suggestion.


4 thoughts on “Been spending most our lives working out with Gangsta’s Paradise…

  1. Magma

    @ gangsta – awesome work and great way to respond to the mumble chatter. I look forward to your next Q!

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