Mosey around building throwing in high knees and skipping

Merkins-15,SSH-25, cotton pickers-15, burpees-10


-Mosey on over to the outback

Partner up-50 pull ups, 100 dips, 100 merkins

Bear crawl to hill and burpee broad jumps back-this is about when the TBQ started for me

Head to the hill o’ pain and partner up again for 50 derkins, 50 decline sit ups, 50 decline mountain climbers

Grab a block or two jugs and mosey to parking lot carrying weigh above your head-low flutter with weight in the air-15

Mosey some more to a different spot and do shoulder press-15

Got sick of saying the word mosey so we moseyed for the last time and did some squats before returning our weights

Head back to parking lot for a 3-1 burpee/merkin ladder.

Mary: The squirm and Crunchy Frog


  1.  A huge group today on a really muggy morning that made it a little extra hard to breathe
  2. Lots of mumblechatter!
  3. Welcome FNG’s
  4. Man Down wins the award for the best looking jugs today. Sensai’s jugs were leaking pretty badly but he was a close second.

14 thoughts on “NICE JUGS

  1. FunkyBunch

    @Magma tough beatdown this a.m.
    Through all the mumble chatter I heard a few B.S. calls. (One was from a jogger just passing by during the hill o’ pain)

  2. Patrick McCarthy

    Magma great workout this am! Team Belding thanks for setting the bar so high! Good Luck on the amazing race.

    1. Dingo

      I mad a BS call…….But it was only to emphasize what was coming out of Major Pains mouth!

  3. Kemosabe

    Man that was a tough workout. You had Kemosabe cursing “Tonto” this morning. The nail in the coffin was the running at the end. My favorite way to top off a great beat down. Hope you fella’s have a great day! Also welcome David Vroon & I hope to see you back again buddy.

  4. MrBelding

    We’ve got a @majorpain sighting on the backblast! Nice.

    @magma- thanks for pushing us. It was a great workout that was made even more difficult by the muggy air today.

    @mandown- you had the best looking jugs out there today.

    Welcome David Vroon- hope to see you again this week.

  5. Hammer

    What, what? Is that the real David Vroon…You boys are going to have some fun with that namorama. Hope he comes back…

    I’m on IR. Hope to be back soon.

  6. Dingo

    Good lead Magma! We were all struggling out there this morning, the air was THICK and hard to take in. On a positive note, Pax, if you push through the hot, humid summer months, you will feel like superman come the fall! If you have the desire to workout in this heat, it IS gonna get easier in the Fall.

    @David Vroon – Welcome brother!! Already some great chatter going on about your naming!

    @Mr Belding, @Major Pain – you did smoke us this morning! I’ll give you that one. But I’m coming for you!!

    @Striker – 2 X this morning you had me cracking up. 1. was when I caught you in the bear crawl, you looked sideways and took off at 100miles an hour!! No way I was catching you!! 2. was during the Burpee Broad Jumps! Not sure what you were doing?? But it looked like fun!

    @Diesel – Good getting to know you! You are a solid part of out Pax and I don’t remember many workouts that you weren’t there! Make sure you come back and visit your F3 pax! And let us know how we can help you get an F3 workout going in your area in Atlanta.

    @Nick Thorly – Welcome!! You are one of the many privileged men EH’d by our new EH King, Striker!

    1. Man Down

      @Dingo, Who the heck is Diesel? Ya mean DOZER? Yeah, you really got to know him well! 😉

      1. MrBelding

        Haha! I noticed that too and @mandown called you out. @dingo- you apparently have a problem with names, I’m glad nobody gave me a hard time about names last week.

        1. Dingo

          Ahhhh……mr Belding…….your slip up was monumental and will never be forgotten. Mine was a simple mistake between machine and fuel

  7. Forgotten Jelly

    @magma – definitely enjoyed it today. I’m still tired and feeling it.

    @Mr Belding, @Major Pain – Dingo would have had you if I wasn’t moving so slow this morning. We will catch you!

  8. Man Down

    @Magma – Great job today!
    @Sensei – Thanks for the refreshing nipple shower! Come by my clinic so we can check your prolactin levels.
    @David Vroon – Great to see you out there brother!
    @Nick Thorley – Good meeting you. Hope to see you out there again!

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