Road Closed, So LOW CRAWL!

Apologize for posting a tardy Back Blast:

During the early morning gloom 19 brave men awoke as well as disobeyed the signs of the road to gather for a fun filled morning of painful action by the ways of USMC.


  • Assisted by Gamma until Q arrival (Location: Side of Harrisburg High)
  • 12 Sun-Gods
  • 12 Cherry Pickers
  • 30 SSH


  • LOW CRAWL 25-30 yards followed half way by sprinting to the opposite end.
  • 10 Squats
  • Rush back to Wall
  • Peoples Chair: 60 seconds
  • PLANK WALK (side) 30 yards followed by sprinting to opposite end
  • 10 Diamond Merikins
  • Mosey: Behind the shed to fetch 1 Monster Tire and 5 single heavy tires
  • 2 rounds each tire flip 5 out: 5 back
  • Mosey: Football field for Rock gathering
  • Heavy rock/boulder per man for 30 second hold (squat position)
  • Heavy Rock 30 second hold slight arm bend above head
  • Heavy Rock Press (12) upwards
  • Mosey: Merica! Flag Pole
  • 15 dips on benches
  • 50 yard Lunges (trash can to trash can)
  • 10 Concentration Squats (Hold randomly)
  • Mosey: back to parking lot


  • 20 LBC
  • 20 Low Dollies
  • 10 Dirty Dogs


  1. My first Boot Camp Q, I show up late and forget to post the back blast; But, I am thankful for the opportunity to lead. Great experience, different than kettle bell Q.
  2. I’d like to thank Gamma for the assist during my 3 minute tardiness.
  3. Never thought a Low Crawl would be that effective followed by some wheel turning and rock play.
  4. Respect to SS Minnow, even an old navy squid can show a grunt how its done!
  5. Titleist, great job way to stay at it, and yes when you see USMC you know that means your going to get dirty.

2 thoughts on “Road Closed, So LOW CRAWL!

  1. SSMinnow

    Respect? That goes to you, Rooster, and the other ground forces of the USMC. When I was in the Navy, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my 82,000 ton aircraft carrier!

    Tough workout…loved the military inspired cadence

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