Don’t Do Nothing

After 11 Harrisburg men and 1 Harrisburg dog got after it on the pre-workout Bull Run, 31, including 6 FNGs, went to work, being careful to stay off the fields. Because the signs said so.

Mosey to the main lot.
SSH x20
Merkins x10
LBC x20
Windmill x10

Mosey around the track to Quad Hill for 4 minutes of Quadrafeelya.

Continue around the track to the side lot, plank until the six arrives.
Circle CDD, 2 x through the pax

Walking Lunges up the drive to the library island, plank until the six arrives.
Jack Webbs to 7

Mosey down the path to the hill (signs said stay off the field, not the hill. Nice try, though)
Burpee/LBC Ladder, 7 to 1

Back to the main lot, partner up and line up on one side of the lot.
P1 planks while P2 sprints to the other side and back, switch and repeat.
P1 planks while P2 sprints to the other side and back twice, switch and repeat.
Continue to 5 sprints across the lot and back.

Continue around the track, past the sod field down the path to the pond.
Jack Webbs, 7 to 1

Up Heartrate Hill to the shelter.
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
Box Jumps or Step-ups 10x

Out to turnaround for Mary
LBC x20
Low Flutter x31 (not sure why)
Mason Twist x15
Homer to Marge (Bull)
Crunchy Frog x15 (Solo Cup)

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” ~Edmund Burke
F3Harrisburg continues to bring good men together. Don’t do nothing.

1. Great turnout, especially on the FNG front after some great publicity for F3 at Harrisburg’s Movies in the Park last night, thanks to Padre. I continue to be amazed at the quality of the men in our little town, and how well F3 can bring them together.
2. Interesting sight at the end of the Bull Run. With us 4 milers already back, Hootie returns first from the 6 mile loop gang…by a wide margin. Now, I certainly have no business calling anyone out since I couldn’t stay within a mile of him on a 2 mile run….but does this mean Bull is actually human? Or did he stop to go to the bathroom? Or has Hootie just progressed at a ridiculous pace? Maybe a little bit of all three. Regardless, you guys (along with Riptide, BBQ, Minnow, etc) continue to push each other and the whole pax. Way to keep raising the bar!
3. Is it just me or was that the first time Megaphone has broken a sweat? The force is strong in that one.
4. Sonic definitely has Tumbler’s quiet nature, but you can tell there’s a fire burning inside. He’s ready to break out. He’ll be throwing around the 40# KB in no time.
5. Tclaps to The Kid for hanging in there through the pain. 0530 really isn’t that early – come out during the week and you’ll be a little muscle man by the time school starts back up again!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Do Nothing

  1. Gamma Post author

    Strong work today, guys.

    Josh, Aaron, Tray, Clarence, Russell and Tom – welcome to F3. It’s the ongoing addition of good men like you that make F3Harrisburg thrive.

  2. BBQ

    Great having 6 FNGs out ther this AM! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to meet all of you today but great talking with Tom, Russell, and Clarence, look forward to seeing you guys again and meeting the others too.

  3. BBQ

    Oh yeah, enjoyed the Bull Run this AM. Good seeing Soul Patch back out. @Segundo – I’d stay away from 4 mile runs with a weight vest the day before a double down. Regardless, you did it so that’s impressive.

  4. Bull2

    @Gamma – While I would like to say that there was something different about our run this morning, the simple answer is that there is not. Truth is, I have been chasing Mr. Hootie for several months now. I think the switch has been officially turned on in Mr. Harrisburg. If you spend less time campaigning and kissing babies on your runs, you will be faster. In Hootie’s case, a lot faster. I don’t like chasing as much as I like pushing my self to see what I can do…you vs you….but it is about time somebody caught the rabbit, and I plan to catch mine.

    @ Pax – Great work this morning….Keep moving and we will all catch our rabbits.

  5. Rooster_MS

    Wow, way to make everyone feel like they’re hearts will bust. Awesome lead by Gamma, great turnout.

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