Here We Go Loopty Loo

3 of the Harrisburg PAX left the Warrior One PAX in the dark and set out to try something new. New? Yep, the PAX set off for a Tempo Run. If you aren’t familiar with Tempo Runs, check out this article from Runner’s World.

WARM-UP (mosey/comfortable run):
Start at Main/Kee
Right on 49
Left on Sims (entering Harrisburg park)

Once PAX hit the track, run the full loop at tempo pace
The cycle: 3 minutes tempo pace followed by 60 second jog/mosey, repeato
Complete 5 cycles

What is a tempo pace? “Comfortably hard” On a scale of 1-10, tempo pace is an 8. In comparison, a 5 would be comfortable and a 10 is race pace. “Talk Test”?… the PAX should not be able to carry on a conversation.

COOL-DOWN (mosey/comfortable run):
Reverse route back to launch point


2014-06-18 Road Warriors


  • Warrior One definitely out numbered the Road Warriors this AM. Regardless, glad to see a good turn out for Warrior Wednesday.
  • Watch said 5.5 miles – nice work!
  • If you haven’t noticed, YHC likes variety when it comes to a run. YHC was introduced to Tempo Runs a few years ago and thought it was something to try with the PAX. It seemed to work well so expect to see it again.
  • Bring in your items for the Harrisburg Food Pantry, GATE¬†Pregnancy Resource Center. Baby wipes, diapers, formula. See Solo Cup and Schedule C.

4 thoughts on “Here We Go Loopty Loo

  1. BBQ Post author

    @Gamma and @SS Minnow – Really enjoyed it this AM guys. The tempo run seemed like something we can definitely do again. Since we all run at different paces, using the track and running a tempo pace allowed us to run the pace of our choice but still stay together. Not to mention that tempo runs can really improve race performance.

  2. Gamma

    Great lead, BBQ. This definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone, and I’m all for repeating this one periodically.

  3. SSMinnow

    BBQ…I picked a good day for my first Road Warrior post. Very good tempo run, with no down time!

  4. Swami

    Looks like a good one BBQ.
    Halo and I were a bit late but still cranked out 5 miles. We will catch you one the next ‘go around’.

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