Trust the Process

12 other dudes joined YHC at the Town Center to help kick off his Iron Q week.  The PAX gathered up and talk about the upcoming beatdown that was posted last night began.  The clock hit 0530 so off we went.  It went mostly like this……


Run the Extinction 1/2 mile loop AFAP


Go get the 6 and then meet at the back of Hawthorne’s
The following details were given and were mostly followed:
5-10-15-20-25 Pyramid
4 Corners
1st:  HR Mericans
2nd:  Jump Squats
Crab Walk
3rd:  CDD’s
4th:  Apollo Ohno’s(each side)
Crab Walk
Run one of the staircases and run around the building.  Run the other staircase before starting the next round of 4 corners.
Continue until 0620 and then have the option of running the 1/2 mile or staying with the Q for some cool down stretches.
Count-off and Name-a-Rama
COT courtesy of Talladega
—-Gremlin February 4th.  Get signed up
—-Fellowship of the Idiots February 11th
—-It’s only Monday and some were already trusting the process and tapering for something.  Those some know who they are.
—-Matt finally got named after some intensive conversations and will be known as Chalupa, though he wasn’t pleased when he found out what it was slang for.  Queen would be proud.
—-Honored to have double digits on the first day of my Iron Q.  I hope it increases each day.  Being out with these guys is the best start to the day for me.
—-Some PAX took up YHC on the stretching option and that’s something that will continue the rest of the week.  3 or 4 went for an extra 1/2 mile.