MLK Circuit Breaker

Q:  @Othello
Pax: @Gamma @Kojak

Two Iron Q studs came out to celebrate MLK with YHC for the first day of his own Iron Q.  The temps were a perfect 28 degrees and at 0530 we went right to work.  Won’t lie, if @Kojak didn’t post, @gamma and I would have mosey’d to an early coffee. #snitchesgetstitches

A regurgitation of last evenings workout post ensued.  Some explanation needed for a few exercises.  i.e. Kraken=Welsh Dragons, Up/Downs are really burpees.  A few audibles here and there but it mostly went down like this:

The Thang


1. YHC is Iron Q all week.
2. Idiot Run – 2/11 – Free!
3. Something with the orphans – pending
4. Prayers for all those poor Pax who DIDN’T post today, AYE!

1. Grateful to @gamma and @kojak for keeping me accountable.  Thanks for playing, the audibles, group runs and conversation.
2. Coffeeteria had @Oz and @Exit54 waiting for us.  Discussed football, Irish Pubs, smooth jazz, 3 Monkey’s poor beer glass choices and Othello’s OCD when loading the band trailer back when he was a Hickory Ridge Marching Band Roadie Dad (amongst other topics).
3.  Tomorrow YHC at the Ridge – rain or shine.  Will be introducing more “Broga” this week during all of the BD’s.  Come get some! Aye!

Quote of the day:  “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase” -MLK