Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights Year

At OCT 6:30 am.

Warmup: Old Deck with SSH, Hillbillies and L/R & R/L.

Q: Catfish

PAX of Shooter, Gooney, LMU, Java, Tupperware, Tombstone, Homeland, Neverland, Luthor, Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, Total Package, Spud and Mountie.

Thang: Drawing an 8 on Strava between Spring St and Union St. 8 exercises at the corners of Cabarrus, Grove, Marsh and Academy with Franklin being the crossover street to draw the eight on your watch. Every exercise was an 8 count. Merkins, Peter Parker’s, Burpees, Squats, WWIIs, Corekillers, Brazilians and Squats. Each team made their rounds at their pace 4 to 5.5 miles logged.

Moleskin: Celebrating 8 years we had Bozeman, El Ab and Hops join us at coffee. Great morning with many miles logged. Some Pax modified but most logged big miles for a Saturday with Q logging 4.6.

I can’t begin to measure what this group has meant to my life in the last 8 years. It is now a group of friends I can’t see going through life without. You are each incredible men and it is to my benefit that I know you! Kuddos fellas!