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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights Year At OCT 6:30 am. Warmup: Old Deck with SSH, Hillbillies and L/R & R/L. Q: Catfish PAX of Shooter, Gooney, LMU, Java, Tupperware, Tombstone, Homeland, Neverland, Luthor, Fire Chicken, Private Ryan, Total Package, Spud and Mountie. Thang: Drawing an 8 on Strava between Spring St and Union St. 8 exercises at the […]

Pick 3

Pax: Fire Chicken, Ace, Psycho T, Tombstone, Checkmate, Homeland, Frostbite, Private Ryan, Trick Daddy, Look Me Up and Lex Luthor Q: Catfish Warmup: Mosey to the Treatment plant for SSH-20, Hillbillies – 15, L/R R/L Thang: Mose to the front of Sears parking lot. 11 sheets with exercises laid face down. Pax were able to […]

Counter Clockwise

11 Total showed on a gloomy warm last Q of 2021. Q – Catfish Pax – Psycho T, TP, Tupperware, Tom B Stone, Spud, Private Ryan, Homeland, Neverland, Fire Chicken and Marlboro Warmup: Mosey to nuclear plant for SSH, Hillbillies and L/R R/L Thang: Board of Pain from level 3 of deck. Do a pair […]

Football – Because it is time!

Warmup: Mosey to Bum Wash for 20 SSH, 10 Hillbillies (Q had a little brain lapse here) and L/R R/L 10 count x 2 Thang @ Parking Lot beside 53 Football workout starting at goal line and doing exercise every 10 yards until you score a touchdown. # of Reps corresponds with the yard line. […]


On a very pleasant summer morning 10 of my brothers and I focused on running to the sunlight even when at times it is gloomy. Warmup: Mosey to bum wash for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 10 count L/R R/L Thang: Run to the top of the deck for on of our best views of […]


Warm-up: Mosey to top of Hill 216 for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 10 count L/R R/L Thang: Mosey to Belk Parking lot where 8 orange cones were set-up in a large octagon around the light post. 8 yellow cones were halfway between the light post and orange cone. Pax would complete 25 reps of […]

On The Edge

On The Edge happened in the dry of the deck on a mid-30s rainy morning. Solid crowd on not the best of weather days. Warmup: Quick Mosey to second ramp of deck for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 10 count L/R R/L Thang: Pax would run up the outer edge of the parking deck to […]

Counting to 50

19 Pax arrived with a promise of ‘get all you want’ workout and the hope of naming one that we already consider one of our own. The morning was spot on especially considering we are in the middle of November. The group arrived on time with a few notable friends missing to join in the […]

Ultimate Independence Celebration

Thang with Moleskin: 13 Pax arrived at ASEC prior to 6am go time. We all car mosey to medical office where you turn left on Burrage. Making sure no one arrived late Q settled red and blue teams and off we ran to Beverly Hills. Fire Chicken. Was waiting on us and that made an […]

The Spider

Mosey to Hospital Energy Plant for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count Hamstring stretch Thang: The Spider: 8 cones spread around the Belk parking lot with the 2nd light pole as the hub. Each Pax picks and open cone and completes exercise runs back to hub to then pick an open cone area […]