Herding Cats

Date: 12/05/22
Pax: Othello, Kojak, Exit54, Peppa, Hot Dog, Bear Claw, Dr. Lecter, Battery, Gamma
QIC: Gamma

9 kicked off the week with another you vs. you challenge. It went something like this…

1.5 Mile Warm-Up Run

Then 4 rounds of:
5 Burpees
10 Side Plank Dips
15 WWIIs
20 SSHs
15 Wide Mericans
10 Heels to Heaven
5 Diamond Mericans
1/3 Mile Run

50 Flutter Kicks
50 LBCs
50 American Hammers


1. Strong showing this morning, in numbers and in effort….and always cool to see a 60-year age span among the pax.

2. I clearly overestimated the timing of the workout. In my mind, each round would take ~10 minutes, so adding in the initial run and the Mary exercises we’d come in around 50 minutes. Exit and Kojak finished everything in about 30. Being the leaders they are, though, instead of claiming victory they just kept going….Exit for another 1.5 mile run and Kojak for another round, giving the rest a chance to try to finish.

3. Decided a few times to call it once ____ gets back….but every time that person got back, someone else had taken off for another lap. We close to resorting to all holding hands like second graders on a field trip to the zoo.

4. RRC seems to be offering some extra product on the side, which explains why Oz’s coffee costs 18x more than everyone else’s. #showtoknow

5. Strong line-up of Qs for the next few days, but still need a leader for Saturday. This F3 thing only works when everyone pitches in.