Winter is coming

Date: 11/21/22
Pax: Othello, Papa John, Mad Dog, Gamma
QIC: Gamma

Four men started off the holiday way with this challenge:

For time:

4 rounds of:
25 Diamond Mericans
25 Heels to Heaven
25 Dips
25 WWIIs
Extinction Mile

Then, 2 rounds of:
15 Burpees
15 Side Plank Dips
15 SHHs


1. Thanks for coming out despite the temps and putting in the work. As Papa John said, you know you worked hard when you sweat through three layers in 25 degrees.

2. Tclaps to Solo Cup and DT for getting in a 3 mile hike before rejoining us. Wexler put in 6 miles (I believe, with TBone and Clueless) before joining the pax, realized how cold it was after stopping, then restarted for another mile with the six. Not sure which is more impressive, that he didn’t just head for the warmth, or that he restarted after cooling off.

3. Othello finished the entire workout; Mad Dog was well into the 2 rounds; Papa John, being the crafty one he is with a minute left, started at the bottom with SSHs; and YHC got in two (2) whole Burpees…..but we all finished the first 4-round set, so I’ll call that a win. Full disclosure, I only added those last 2 rounds so they’d have something to do while I finished the 4th mile….

4. Great catching up with Papa John and Solo Cup at coffee (although they may want to turn the heat on). Even better to hear that Sam’s powering through, despite his dad’s inability to navigate a simple, efficient and well-organized pick-up line.

5. Solid performance by those running the Quarry 5k this weekend. Escalade took 3rd in the #respect division, and Tumbler’s kids swept their age groups. Kojak, Gulfstream and Dr. Lecter all crushed the Spartan Beast out at Tryon.

6. Note the change for Thursday – instead of the regular bootcamp at HRHS, come out with the 2.0’s to Harrisburg Park for a 0700 launch of the 8th Annual Harrisburg Turkey Bowl, hosted by Wexler and sponsored by Bojangles, the best coffee open on Thanksgiving morning (or Starbucks if Bojangles’ dining room is closed again this year). Still time to add your company to the sponsorship….for a small fee.

7. Still need leadership for Friday KBs and Saturday bootcamp.

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