Taking You to School

AO: F3Kannon
Q: Grandmaster
PAX: Big Tuna, Grandmaster, Heisenberg_Kannon, trickdaddy
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Mosey to the Eternal Flame for standard warmup
THE THANG: Mosey slab the hill to the A. L. Brown courtyard. After a week of upper body work YHC was planning on a bunch of ab work. That was great for about 10 mins. We started out with LBCs while each guy ran the width of the courtyard then switched to flutter kicks. That got old so we partnered up and switched to a DORA of 100 mericans, 200 squats and 300 LBCs. Then by the suggestion of Big Tina’s went to the middle of the courtyard and did 10 squats in the middle with 10 monkey jumpers at then Eve of each of the five sidewalks. Legs and abs bring yeah we mosied back to the AO.
MARY: Let’s just go get some coffee.
COT: Thanks for playing along gents.