Brickyard’s favorite

QIC: Fire Chicken
Pax: Mayhem, Sand Trap, “OTIS” (guess who), Mayweather, Love Boat, Luthor, Cat, Hip, Ace, Scooter, Popeye, Mountie, & Brick Yard

15 men excitedly arrived since a no Grover Q they were saved from for the following:

Mosey to Tom B’s basketball court for warm-o-rama:
SSH’s x 25 IC
IST’s x 15 IC
Soap Drop x 10 IC
Mtn Climbers x 15 IC
Arm circles

Mosey to the track:
5 pull-ups/5 knee raises & run a lap x 4…mosey to new deck

New Deck, partner up:
Round 1: Partner 1 begins quadrophelia up ramp while partner 2 does 5 merkins then runs to catch and switch…repeat until reach the top then plank and wait
Round 2: same as above but switch exercise to 3 V-ups…mosey back to OCT

Round 1:Block work…15 curls, shoulder presses, skull crushers, & bent-over rows…run a lap
Round 2: 10 IC of low flutters, hello dollies, dyin’ cockroaches, freddy merks & lbc’s…run 2 laps

Repeated both of those rounds twice…mary

No Mary

COT: Cat hosting pax at his house in BFE this Saturday with arrival around 6pm, bring own drinks.  Police officer Mountie opening up place of work for kids to check out.  Prayers for Mayweather and school board as the election draws closer.  Prayers for Spuds wife post-birth and the new little one.  Continued prayers for Charlotte as well as my sister during their pregnancies.  Also prayers up for Brick Yard’s sister.

Moleskin: Nice morning with nice weather…someone has a new F3 name #Otis…Brick Yard absolutely hates quadrophelia which means more to be done in future.  Speaking of Brick Yard, it’s about time for you and Sand Trap to break out for your first Q.  As always many issues with the world were solved at coffee.

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken