Weighted Workout in a Box!

Date: 5/24/22

QIC: Big Tuna

PAX: Grandmaster, The Burgh, The Big Show, Sir Topham Hatt

Starting over!!! Today was my first Q at a new AO since moving to K-Town last week. They say that its always best to Q what you like doing – for me that is more lifting and body weight work and less long distance running.

Here’s how it went down:

Warmorama: Climb the parking deck stairs with air presses on the way up and arm circles on the way down followed by SSH, Windmills, Low Slow Squats (IC) to complete the warm-up.

The Thang:

Round 1 – Consisted of various kettlebell/dumb bell and body weight exercises including squats, presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, squat thrusters, swings, rows, WWII sit-ups, LBC’s, burpees, bear crawl. etc. 1 pax would draw a card from the box with specified exercise and act as the timer while running up the parking deck ramp, stopping for 3 burpees and then returning to the start. We did a round of merkins after each time thru the group.

Round 2 – Shortened to include only KB/DB exercises while 1 pax acting the timer did 10 lunges out and back.

Round 3 – We circled up and went around twice while each pax led an exercise until time was called at 06:14.

MOLESKIN:  Thanks for coming out today and hope that you got your moneys worth! It was nice getting my first Q at Kannon and look forward to leading more in the future! #freedtolead

COT: Prayers for those that are injured, loved ones, travelers and everyone that was impacted by the bad storms yesterday.

Always an honor to lead,

Big Tuna