La da da da da

BB:  2.15.22

La da da da da


Q: it’s the one and only LMU

Pax:  Marlboro, Luther, PT, Mayweather, Popeye, Spud, Hipbone, fire chicken, Tupperware, Mountie, Neverland, finish line, tombstone


Mosey to bridge:  40 dips OYO

Mosey to steam plant parking lot:  Warm it up and core focus:


Arm circles 

Runners stretch

Some core exercise I can’t remember 

2:00 plank


Mosey to Hospital parking deck

5 burpees at levels 2 & 3 on the way up.  


At Top level the Thang:

4 corners 

Corner 1: 15 merkins

Lunge walk to corner 2

Corner 2:  15 Carolina Dry Docks

Corner 3:  15 V-ups

Corner 4: 15 squat jump 180 things

Down the ramp.  Spin a lap on level 3.  Back up ramp.  Do it again.  



Freddie Merks x 20

Low flutter x 20

Stretchie time



Luthers friend white and craft family

Hip wife Sharon

Concord officer 


Post workout comments:

14 strong.  Chilly.  Good to see Tupperware coming out on the regular.  Reminds me of a young Marlboro.  Think we got somewhere in the range of 3-4 total rounds in.  Had to be 2.5-3 miles of earth covered.  The people demanded an LMU workout and they got what they came for.  Let’s all try to reach out to someone this week we don’t normally connect with and see how they are doing.  And also to be honest in how we are doing.  Life can be tough.  Especially when you get in a rut.  We long for something more than this world can offer, develop coping strategies for managing our pain and fortunately there is more offered to us by the grace of God.