12 days redux

6 pax woke to a beautiful morn for improvement. 0530 disclaimer and mosey time

PAX: Sugar, Schnitzel, Detention, Backstop, Manwhich, Life Alert

Q: Life Alert



mosey to through the pick up line with some but kickers, high knees, and pox side stretch thing. We all agreed that no-one was doing it right. Not Pox approved. From the far end to the near end of the teacher lot followed the parking lines in a snake fashion for run, slide, quadrapelia, slide, etc. Near end reached and time for official warmarama all IC

  • SSH x 10
  • PP x 10
  • IST x 10
  • Low slow squat x 10
  • Tempo merkin x 10
  • MC x 10

The Thang

mosey to the hoops court for a partner, block, holiday workout. My daughter goes to a kid kind of cross fit thing and I stole this BD from them. I made my wincki last weekend so even after Firestone’s 12 days BD on Tuesday, I wasn’t backing down. Also, it was the largest wincki I’ve ever seen at a F3 BD. All thanks to my living room TV dying and the family forcing my hand to buy a new one on black Friday. It was written with the visually impaired Pax (myself) in mind. As it turn out 3/6 pax weren’t even there tuesday, so newish to them. This workout scheme was different than our typical stacked exercise model, ie No Mas. We started at the top and then worked down alternating exercises between partners al with a block. format as follows:


P1.1, P2.2

P2.1, P1.2, P2.3

P1.1, P2.2, P1.3, P2.4

P2.1, P1.2, P2.3, P1.4, P2.5

Etc until 12. Idea is to alternate what partner starts at top in order to continually alternate exercises and not be stuck doing same exercise each round in the stack. Old heads(respect crew) had a slight challenge with the concept. We all managed to stumble through with the help of a Christmas themed playlist.






  • LBC x 20 IC


Well done and thanks for playing along. new format had everyone a little off. Somewhat clumsy I must admit, I have 12 months to clean it up

Prayers for recent tornado victims, Detroit school shooting families, Detention’s mother, Heatstroke’s parental life transition.

HDHH tonight at the one and only Casa de Sugar. 2 beers on tap and a firepit. way better than seeing Loveseat’s son clean tables or slow service for our Mountain Candy IPAs. BE THERE!!




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  1. Schnitzel

    Since the advent of Slack, bet nobody’s ever commented on a backblast, but hey these last a long long time. Great workout LifeAlert, and Sugar, partnership goes back a long way, ol Buckeye buddy. I think its in the RS by-laws somewhere that weinke’s should be on used pizza (delivery, not frozen) boxes, with a few grease stains for character, and enhanced misreadability. AYE!

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