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F3 MeCa | May 11, 2021

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Hurpees for Everyone

  • When: 5/1/2021
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: bigblue, Iron City, Run-Flat, Shooter, Spaz, Audit, Moolah, Sterling, Porto, Guinness, chachif3, Hop Hunter

YHC had to knock off the rust for leading on a Saturday morning, since most Saturdays YHC has been running during most the beatdown fun.  We had a good crowd as usual.

It went something like this…



Mosey over toward the Y.  Doing some skips, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, lunges along the way.

Stop 1:  Lot near YMCA

5 Hurpees IN
Circle up for some SSHs, HBs, Windmills, Penny Pickers, MCs
5 Hurpees OUT


The Thang

Stop 2:  YMCA
5 Hurpees IN
10/1 Ladder at the YMCA steps (Merkins and RBCs)
5 Hurpees OUT

Stop 3:  Mount Afton
5 Hurpees IN
Round 1: from bottom
Partner up:  Burpee Broad jump to top.  One partners is doing the
exercise and the other is running to the top and back.

Round 2:  from bottom
One partner Lunge walks will the other runs backwards to the top.
Rotate until you reach the peak.
5 Hurpees OUT

Stop 4:  McGill
5 Hurpees IN
Time for Wheel if Fun.
Alternate bear crawl and crab walk in and out of the wheel of fun – round
5 Hurpees OUT

A little sprint down Fetzer on the way back to home base… just because.



Stop 5: Shelter
5 Hurpees IN
Group mary that ended with 1 minute (H)abs



    • 4/28 – 5/26:  Phidippedes Ruck for Autism across the Carolinas.
    • 5/09:  Join Phidippedes – ending in Carriage Downs
    • 5/13:  Backyard / Driveway Happy Hour
    • 5/15:  Can Can Beatdown – Food Drive (0700) Details here
    • 6/12:  Volunteer at the Afton Community Farm. Sign-up here.
    • 9/10 – 9/11:  BRR – Blue Ridge Relay 😉
AO Goals/Challenges:
    • MAY:  Give Intermittent Fasting a try
    • JUNE-JULY:  Iron Q’s are back.  Pick your week!



  • Continued prayers Shooter’s father and Big Blue’s M.
  • All unspoken prayers



Hop Hunter

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