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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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All U Got

  • When: 4/28/21
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Homeland, Finish Line, Neverland, Mayweather, Catfish, Spud, Luthor, El Ab, Hops, Java, Snake Eyes, Anvil, Scooter, Tombstone, PR, Pyscho-T

17 pax gathered on a great morning to give it all they had…only they would know if they did or not.

Mosey to parking lot adjacent to the old deck for..
SSH’s x 25 IC
IST’s x 15 IC
Mtn Climbers x 15 IC
Slow Loose Change x 10 IC
Some arm circles

Mosey out of lot out to Union and left onto Grove and onto our old AO spot of Coltrane Webb playground…pair up for the beatdown.

5 rounds became 8 of the following:

Partner 1 as the timer goes from playground parking lot to the far playground for 5 pull-ups while partner 2 was doing all you can of the following LBC’s.  Once timer was back switch…no DORA this time as it was strictly up to each pax how hard they wanted to push themselves on the ab exercises….we rotated these ab exercises beginning with LBC’s, Freddy Merks, Dying Cockroaches, WWII’s, & Core Killers or modify as needed.  Some grumblings about the lack of smoothness to the asphalt…if only these newbies knew what it used to be like…after 8 rounds we headed back to the smooth asphalt of OCT for the following…pax 1 timer to run around OCT parking lot while partner did AYG beginning with block curls, then skull crushers, then curls/press/skull crush, and squats….finished the beatdown off by lining up in 3 lines and running sprints across OCT parking lot x 4.  Mary called but out of time.

COP: Prayers for Trick Daddy and family as they arrive back in the US today, prayers for Phidip’s health and safety as he runs/rucks across the entire state and part of coast!!

Lots of chatter boxes today from beginning to end, I even having to channel my inner Homeland and tell the group to shut-up just so I could pray us out of there and onto coffee.  Wanted everyone to have the opportunity to push themselves as they felt needed today and always like getting in pull-ups when possible and they should always leave you sore the next day.  Broke out the video to record names and lets just say many of you need help in front of the camera but to no surprise Mayweather…aka small truck/recycle right looked right at home as did one of our Elders Catfish….also, apparently El Ab has to speak Portuguese when the camera comes on.  Missed Paw-paw and Opie as this workout would’ve been right up their alley where they wouldn’t even have had to break a sweat unless they wanted to but we all know they wouldn’t have wanted that.  Good group at coffeteria as usual with multiple conversations so can’t really know what all happened…unfortunately I was on the darker side of the conversation as some “innocent” stretching near someones head quickly turned into a picture and then became talk of dirty sex acts which later…to no ones surprise made there way over to slack to forever be in the digital world.

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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