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F3 MeCa | May 12, 2021

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BEAR-ly any Running!

  • When: 04/15/20
  • QIC: Sugar
  • The PAX: Love Seat, Soprano, Pox, Monet, Plunger, Kumho, Detention, Golden Boy, Slurpee, Manwich, Backstop, Greek, All-in (Former FNG), Sugar (QIC).

YHC pulls into the lot with some Guns N Roses rockin’ the ‘Night Train’ and is greeted with what appears to be a decent crowd. Axle and the boys wrap up at exactly 0529, perfect and a good Omen. Poor guys, they have no idea what’s about to happen. As I walk towards the gathering crowd the watch flips to 0530 and the intro starts: “I’ve actually planned something for this morning and have done this only about 3 times prior. Don’t worry, there will Bearly be any running!” If only the spoken word could be read!!
We mosey with Bearly a disclaimer all the way around the back of WROES to the fence area for a bit of warm up. Nothing crazy. Obligatory SSH, Gremlins, Windmills, ISTs, and Temp merks. NO time for more as the Bears area calling! Instructed to line up at the fence, I imagine a few worried looks on the faces of the unsuspecting PAX so time to put their minds at ease. “Some of you may have done this before, some have not. Either way you’re welcome! What we’ll be doing is Bear Crawling around the school with a few exercise breaks along the way!” The response was mixed. A few groans but mostly silent disbelief – as expected.

The Thang:

Starting at the fence we proceed CW (anti-NASCAR) to the corner with the swing sets for some lunges in cadence then mosey (silly me), I mean Bear Crawl to the mid point of the back of the school for some ISTs. Next leg is a doozy, all the way to the playground for some Dips and then to the alcove for some pullups. Off to the ball courts for some Sumo Squats and then BC to the far end for some 4-line suicides!! Next we crawl to the bus lot entrance for people’s chair with burpee chain (crowd pleaser) down and back. We then BC to the halfway point of the teacher lot side of the building. Since YHC is feeling charitable and we rarely call this (and YHC is feeling the BCs taking a toll) Airborne Mind Benders! (Best Exercise EVER!) BC to the corner for the home stretch and some exercise (heads getting kind foggy, honestly not sure what was called. Didn’t matter, it could’ve been something super simple and at this point it would have been terrible anyway.) Last break at halfway point of car-rider’s line. Again can’t remember BUT, we’re staring at THE Glory Leg! The last leg. 40-ish yards to the fence! Gotta make it special so YHC calls for 5 Burpees at Draco on our way to the Finish Fence and the completion of this insanity! A quick set of LBCs to help our breathing calm down and we’re off to Mary!!


Nothing fancy here. Rosalitas, Low Dollys, Low Flutters, Freddy Mercs and Dying Cockroach and it’s over!

T-claps to all the PAX this morning!! This is truly something stupid and pointless. Like, who does this? Men of F3, that’s who. Everyone kicked the Bears Arse this morning. I recall having several ‘Walkers’ early on the last time this was done and this morning I believe I only saw a few for a short stretch. Thanks for playing along. Now you can say you did it! (Not sure anyone will care, but at least you can say it!”

Prayers for each of us as we all have something weighing on us. Be humble enough to trust the Sky Q for help with whatever it is!

Thanks for playing along! Aye!

  • On April 15, 2021

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