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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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A (Dude) Perfect Satisfaction Cruise

  • When: 3/31/21
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Loveseat, Chachi, Manwich, Life Alert, Hot Pack, Heatstroke

4 pax to get their run on, 2 to get their ruck on.  1 mile-ish route along the Greenway, up Marquette and back to the greenway.

4+ miles for the cruisers.  2.7 or so for the ruckers.  All accounted for…success.

COT:  Prayers for AA as he was back in the ER last night.  Give peace and healing to the Kilowatt family.  Prayers for Master Po, M and family as they welcome 2.2 into the fold tomorrow.  Happy Hour at 26 Acres tonight at 0630 to celebrate.

Moleskin:  Well done gents.  The loop is more like 1.15-1.2 miles…which makes a difference if trying to get in 5 loops…which YHC did not.  Tclaps to Hot Pack who got 5 in like a champ.  Tclaps also to Life Alert out there making a cruise appearance…shocking to be sure.  All was revealed as Wednesday is weigh-in day for LA at work in his competition to add to his bourbon collection.  Running sucks, but it is effective, so you were at the right place LA.  Apparently Manwich either needs to use less of his clinical strength deodorant, or none at all, the man could be smelled from 50 yards away.  Hot Pack clown carred with him…condolences on the nose assault.  No sign of Firestone and his joggers as the DJ temps were in full effect this morning.  The shirts are back to coming off after workouts now.  On another note, YHC got his haircut before work yesterday (lady cuts hair out of her house – convenient for yours truly) and noticed a black hoodie in the road by the middle school.  It looked just like YHC’s 2.1’s Dude Perfect one.  No time to stop on the way and no time to stop on the way back as he saw it again.  Wouldn’t you know that it had been thrown to the side at the corner of Marquette this morning.  Confirmed: it is YHC’s son’s…over a mile from the house.  He claims to have no idea how it got there…the mystery remains as of now until further interrogations can be scheduled.  Have a great morning and week plus, as YHC will be heading to HHI tomorrow and through next week for Spring Break.



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