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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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Merkin March

  • When: 3/27/2021
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: Neverland, El Ab, Private Ryan, Tombstone, Wham, Java, Spud, PB&J (FNG Ben), Fire Chicken, Lex, Captain Morgan, Exit and Anvil

On wonderful temp morning 14 brothers launched from OCT on point at 6:30am.
Warm-up: Quick stop in the deck for 20 SSH, 15 Hillbillies (Except for Tombstone’s ISTs) and 10 count L/R R/L
Thang: It was an old fashioned F3 Concord run with pain stations totaling just short of 5 miles.
Stops at St James, Central United, Forrest Hill, Front of Cemetery, Bamboo Spa, Back of Cemetery
All Stops had 20 Merkins OYO, 15 or 20 An Exercises OYO (WWII, KGB, Dying Cockroach, Deer ticks, Low Flutters and Scissors) and Other Merkin type exercise in cadence (Diamond, Wide, Carolina Dry Docks, Peter Parker’s, Herschel Walkers and Marine)

Mary: Quick time for final round of exercise to stop exactly at 1 hour. No Stretching

Mole Skin: Great group of men with chatter galore as the group would spread out and then reconnect during pain station time. The workout was meant to symbolize our march thru life as Christian Soldiers. We have consistent challenges we handle by itself, we have unique challenges we handle by itself, we all have challenges we can tackle together with our brothers. The stops symbolized stages and places in life we have temptations, we recognize life and death, we come to the end of our journey and how our Lord gives us places of shelter like our churches. This group is vital to me as the challenges of life with work, home and life come upon us. I thank you all for the men and friends you are.
Coffee was awesome with almost all in attendance. Homeland joined us. excited to see one of my first F3 friends Exit post today and get the change to make Pastor Ben on his third post.
Close this weekend strong my brothers.


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