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F3 MeCa | April 19, 2021

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Aerosmith Pump

  • When: 03/26/21
  • QIC: Sanctions
  • The PAX: toughskins, Othello, starbucks, bluecrush, Hot Corner, headnshoulders, Delta, thirdday, Mogwai, Gopher, Sanctions

Warmup (Radiohead):

Now that’s some good music!  We worked through some SSH, Mountain Climbers and Penny Pickers to mixed counts of 9’s, 10’s, 19’s and 20’s.  Because that’s how Othello likes it.  9’s are DUMB!

The Thang-a-lang (Aerosmith):

Many of the PAX who are too young to even know who Aerosmith is were still sleeping.  The rest of us enjoyed a good ‘ole Follow The Leader style workout as we went around and around and around the parking lot in circles.  Of course Aerosmith’s album PUMP was playing LOUD on the record player (Side A Side B…what?).  After lining up in a single file line to start off, each PAX led a lap and called 2 Kettle Bell exercises of their choice along the way.  Then the leader fell back in line as the next PAX up led the way around the circle and so on and so forth.  We fell short of making it through the entire line by 1.  Don’t Get Mad Get Even.

Exercises consisted of squats and bi-curls and tri-curls and presses and lunges and triple threats and plank sliders and bell LBCs and bell burpees and single arm rows and bent over pulls and clings and other things.  Good chance all of those laps amounted to close to a couple of miles too.

Counts, Names, Announcements and Prayers:

-Saturday March 27th – Deck and Yard work for the Pinto Family from 9-11am-ish

-April 10th – Food and hang out at Delta’s house 5pm-ish

-April 24th – Second 2nd F hangout at Morrow Mountain State Park at Noon-ish – 4.1 mile Hike!

-Continued prays for The Body and his family and anyone else dealing with hardships or injuries

As always it was a treat to lead this morning!


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