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F3 MeCa | May 5, 2021

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1 year Anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery’s death

  • When: 2/23/21
  • QIC: R2D2
  • The PAX: Brutus, Hot Wheels, Stash, 5 dollar, Skipper, FNG Michael

Remembering Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud Arbery was killed 1 year ago today while on a run. Something that we do frequently and we all take for granted. The killers were not arrested for 74 days and ONLY after the video was released, went viral and public pressure for justice brought about change.

Below is a few facts about him, others like him and the history of whitewashing racism out of our text books and our memories.


Side Straddle Hops: 25 Side Straddle Hops. Ahmaud’s age.

Good Mornings: 10 In cadence

Mountain Climbers (OYO): 74 days after his murder his killers were finally arrested. This happened ONLY after the videos were released. Widely criticised and condemned.

The thang 2.23 mile run CUMULATIVE. Ahmaud died on 2/23/20 (February 23rd).

Run a lap, stop at picnic tables

Incline Merkins (OYO): 34 the age I truly learned about Juneteenth. I am 35. My ignorance and the national downplaying of it shows institutionalized racism. Juneteenth – also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day – is a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. Wikipedia

Step ups (OYO, Alternate) 36 years AFTER México we FINALLY abolished slavery after a BLOODY, miserable civil war. Mexico abolished slavery in 1829, the U.S. in 1865.

Many people hear “remember the Alamo” and think of the courageous, morally righteous Texans fighting off the evil Mexican army in 1836 while fighting for freedom against the evil, oppresive Mexicans during the Texas revolution. But truly they were fighting so they could steal mexican land and so that they could own slaves.

A new perspective: Mexico fought to stop slave owners from invading and taking their land by force.

Run a lap, stop under overhang

Wall sit 90 seconds 4 white police beat rodney king for roughly 1:30. They took turns because they grew tired and he obviously wasn’t going anywhere. All 4 officers were basically acquitted and walked free with a slap on the wrist because the “institution” moved the trial to a white city to get a practically all white jury. This and the lack of justice for Latasha Harlins lead to the LA riots.

Merkins 15 Year old girl, Latasha Harlins, shot in the back of the head over purchase of orange juice and was caught on camera. The korean shop owner was found guilty by a jury.
Carolina Dry Docks 16 years that the korean shop owner SHOULD have been in jail for. Yet the judge changed the sentence and gave her a slap on the wrist*** because the girl was only black. ***5 years probation, 400 hours community service, $500 fine and had to pay for funeral expenses. This lack of justice also contributed to the LA riots.

Freddy Mercury 71 years ago North Meck High Shool was built (1951) and was known as “North Meck Rednecks” until new schools were built (Hough high school: 2010, Hopewell 2001). The school board caved from pressure and dissected north Charlotte to force the black and latino neighborhoods (See “redlining” that caused that) to go to 50 or 70 year old NMHS and the white students went to the brand new, well funded school.

I was a teacher at North Meck from two years and can attest to the disgusting, old, moldy rotten, rusting buildings that had (probably) asbestos. I had students who would ride a bus 1 hour twice every day even though a white school was nearby.

Charlotte has been resegregated and yet no one is doing anything about it.

Wall sit with Air presses 63 years ago Garinger High school was built (1959). I taught their for 3 years before NMHS and it has a similar story. I was amazed that in the middle of prestigious and WEALTHY neighborhoods like Noda and Plaza Midwood there was a school with predominantly black, latino and low income asian students. I asked around repeatedly where did the kids go who lived in the ¼ million dollar homes?

We did well over 2.23 miles and I truly hope it sparked a lot of though, conversations and movement for racial justice and the undoing of the white washing that has happened to our history. I do not have white guilt and do not want white guilt to be the result of this. I want people to know what has happened and what is continuing to happen so that we can push forward for justice, fair housing, fair employment and, above all, the desegregation of Charlotte schools and neighborhoods. (Thank you to Hot Wheels for pointing out the importance of this date. I signed up for todays Q completely by chance and would have been completely unaware of the 1 year anniversary of Ahmauds death)

A moment of silence and Prayers for Ahmaud’s family, friends and those in our country who have to live in this every day. Prayer for change and for everything mentioned above.

The three paragraphs below were cut up into three pieces and handed to separate pax to read aloud while we did a wall sit.

What is redlining?
For decades, many banks in the U.S. denied mortgages to people, mostly people of color in urban areas, preventing them from buying a home in certain neighborhoods or getting a loan to renovate their house. The practice — once backed by the U.S. government — started in the 1930s and took place across the country. That includes in many of the nation’s largest cities, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa and others with large minority populations.

As a result, banks and other mortgage lenders commonly rejected loans for creditworthy borrowers based strictly on their race or where they lived. As part of that practice, financial firms, real estate agents and other parties demarcated geographic areas that were effectively off limits for issuing loans.

Several factors ripple across decades to impact the value of home ownership for Black and Latinx families. Home equity grows as the value of a house increases. But homes exist within neighborhoods, and it is the neighborhood, in large part, that ultimately determines home value. The legacy of redlining, in which entire neighborhoods were designated undesirable and choked off from financing and investment, has locked many Black and Latinx families out of this key wealth accumulation pathway.



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