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F3 MeCa | March 7, 2021

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Rain Free M3

  • When: 2/12/21
  • QIC: Heatstroke, Kilowatt
  • The PAX: Chachi, Manwich, Pox, Wrong Way, Hot Pack, Kilowatt, Heatstroke

Technically, there was not really a Q for this beatdown.  But upon some discussion started by YHC about temporary (maybe needs to be more than temporary) relocation to Odell, so that some cover was actually available for this workout, some semblance of a plan came together with a KW WOD and some HS stretching.  Can’t say a whole lot of effort went into planning this BD, and there isn’t going to be much in writing this BB either.

M1: A WOD of 5 exercises doing 1 rep each, run, 2 reps each, run, etc for 15 minutes – I don’t remember because YHC was barely observing as he stretched and complained about his bum elbow that everybody is plenty tired of.  There was much grunting and Pox stripped down to his T shirt, so it all looked fairly legit.

M2: Plenty of stretches from YHC as he thought he might not be able to drag it out for 20 minutes, but surprisingly, he did.  No porn stache youtuber assistance needed.

M3: Sweet Spot after.  3rd M might need to now be Munchies…although Pox and YHC are fasting on Fridays through Easter.  KW joined in and got all responsible with a protein shake.

COT: Prayers for AA, Soprano, Detention’s parents, Firestone’s & family, a successful vaccine

Moleksin: Misery, Mobility and Munchies – not great, but not bad.  Not gonna lie, I liked the locale this morning.  A little cover and the lack of wind seemed to make it a warmer spot over there by the playground alcove.  Also got blocks right there if folks didn’t have a KB.  Hmmm.  Great work today by all.  Have a tremendous weekend.



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