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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

  • When: 02/12/21
  • QIC: Sanctions
  • The PAX: Toughskins, Bluecrush, Chum, Epsilon, Delta, Mogwai, Gopher, Sanctions

Some came.  Others didn’t (thanks Park Ranger).  For those who joined in on all the fun, we all agree that the music was an absolute highlight.  Excellent choice of tunes by “The Q” and the weather held out too which was a nice bonus!


50xSSH (Delta Style/Fast) / 10xMerkins / 49xSSH (Delta Style/Fast) / 10xBurpees


–Circle up / One man runs the court with bell / Other PAX complete 99’s / Switch, Rinse & Repeat

99xOverhead Presses / 99xWet Ground Bench Presses / 99xBicep Curls / 99xOverhead Tricep Curls / 99xDeadlifts / 99xAround the Body (World) Passes / 99xLawnmower Pulls / 99xSingle Arm Snatches / 99xBent Rows (or Standing)


–People’s Choice included Epsilon’s LBCs, Sanction’s KTEs, Chum’s Freddy Mercury’s, Crazy Bluecrush’s Flutter Kicks with Stiff Arms, Crazy Delta’s Heels to the Stars (Pies to the Sky who knows), Toughskins’ Something or Other (sorry I forgot but they sucked) and Gopher’s He’s In Love with J.Lo’s

**Prayers:  For HeadnShoulders and his family as they travel to funeral today

**Announcements:  First 2nd F Event of 2021 being held at Mac’s Speed Shop in Matthews on 2/20 @ 6pm.  Beer & BBQ!



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