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F3 MeCa | March 8, 2021

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Hill to Hill

  • When: 2/08/2021
  • QIC: Hop Hunter
  • The PAX: Booter, Zacchaeus, 4-Wide, Loveboat, Big Blue, Hop Hunter

6 men showed in the gloom to embrace the suck and cold… and most importantly work off some of the extra food intake that occurred while watching last nights lackluster Super Bowl.  This was one of the mornings that YHC is thankful that YHC had the Q.  The powers of the warm fartsack were strong, so having the Q fortunately left no wiggle room.

YHC didn’t want to only circle Mount Afton this week, but YHC also knew some elevation gain was needed.  As of result of very long and careful consideration while tying my shoes… it seemed to make sense that YHC could modify the normal run and book end it with Mount Afton.  It turned out that we hit 5.5 to 6 miles, got in some climbing and got back only 3 minutes late, which Big Blue said was really good for YHC.  Win, Win, Win!  This is an adjustment to the “normal” route that YHC will want to revisit  in the future.

Also, thanks to Booter for representing the Ruckers and being there in case our FNG showed.  Unfortunately if was an FNG false alert.  Strong work this morning men!



Prayers for all those that have experienced loss recently
All unspoken prayers



  • 2/13:  F3 Afton “Adopt-a-Stream” clean-up in Dorton Park
  • 2/20:  The inaugural F3 Afton “CAN CAN” beatdown
  • 3/05:  4x4x48 – 4 miles every 4 hrs (for 48 hrs). Talk to Major Pain.
  • 3/06:  Fellowship of the Idiots run.  Sign-up here
  • 3/20:  Harrisburg Extinction Race.  Details coming soon.

   Upcoming AO Goals:

  • FEB:  Each pax bring atleast 1 FNG during the month.  Someone cared enough to EH us… who are we going to help!
  • MARCH:  NO repeat Q’s for the Month



Thanks for showing up as always guys.  That fact that I know someone will always be there is a really cool thing.  As a group we are stronger.  I’m thankful I’m not trying to do this on my own.  Keep pushing!



Hop Hunter

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