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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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Hard and wet

  • When: 1/28/2021
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Spud, Skinner, Scooter, Total Package, PR, El Ab, Luthor, Cat, Trick, Homie, Tombstone, Hops, Java, Hip

15 pax rolled out on a cool, non-rainy, but still quite wet morning for our daily dose of the DRP in hopes of staying hard.

Warm-up:  mosey to rehab for SSH’s x 25 IC w/homie getting skeerd as we passed 20, Hillbillies x 15 IC, Loose change x 10 IC, and some arm circles….off to the thang

THANG: suicide coming and going at the belk parking lot…
Curb: 5 burpees…run to first light post
1st light post: 10 Core killers….
2nd light post: 15 star jumps….
3rd light post: 20 merkins….
4th light post: 25 lunges each leg…..

Okay…suicide coming and going…start at curb then run to first post, complete exercises, and then back to curb to repeato and while running back stop at 1st post for exercises and continue onto 2nd post, upon finishing those run back to beginning but stop at 1st post and repeato exercises working your way back to curb…continue in this fashion until completed full round and then work your way backwards finishing at the curb…..lots of reps…especially core killers!!

Mary: Broga

Prayers/announcements: Prayers for Ace’s daughter Reese….gremlin…pax & pax families

Moleskin: always tough to follow a Mayweather BB so I won’t even try but instead of being hard and dry…then soft and wet, like we were on Wednesday YHC just opted for hard and wet since that seems like more fun.  Homie hit me up the night before asking for a friend if we were gonna be wet or dry and of course the answer was dry until 0530 and YHC realized it was gonna be wet….so there was that.  Once your back gets wet this first time it’s as if it never happened again unless you’re PR who had his “dry” spot, that had previously been wet, stolen like a thief in the night by Skinner right in front of him and then you get a new wet spot.  Pax were eye balling high spots and dry spots left and right as they approached the infamous core killer light post.  If you completed a full round….without modifications like our favorite lawyer, you did a minimum of 120 core killers….nice.  All pax completed at least one full round with some getting extra credit and Java running around the mall at least 50 times while we finished the extra credit.

On a personal note it was nice getting back to somewhat of a normal schedule and having the opportunity to lead my boys as between a two week quarantine and then being in VA for about two weeks due to my dads death it’s been a long time coming and something that was needed.  I’ll again say thank you for all of the slack messages, texts and conversations from you all….it means a lot.  I truly believe what TP told me at coffee yesterday that since his father passed not a day has gone by that he hasn’t thought about him and the same holds true for me already and in a lot of ways it still doesn’t seem like reality, although it is….like I can still pick or the phone to text or call and he’ll answer me…but, he won’t, at least not in person but fortunately I can hear his voice when I do quietly talk to him or hear his laugh when I would’ve sent him that funny gif/meme via text message.  The older we get the faster we realize how quickly life goes and just how precious it is…..which is why the time we have here is special but not near as special as the life we will have when we get to go to our permanent home.

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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