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F3 MeCa | March 1, 2021

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The Odyssey

  • When: 1/23/2021
  • QIC: Neverland
  • The PAX: Homeland, Tombstone, LMU, Private Ryan, Psycho T, Hops, Total Package, Catfish, Java, Scooter, Luthor

Warm up


§Mosey to the back of the Library to set the tone for our literary adventure.

§SSH x 20 (4c)

§Hillbillies x 20 (4c)

§Loose Change x 15

§Helios (Greek Sun God) arm circles


Four stations with 3 exercises listed. Round one= do the first exercise, round two= do the second, etc.. 1/2-ish mile run in between each round. Rinse & Repeat


Station 1:

1)     20 Merkins

2)     :60 Elbow Plank

3)     20 J-Lo’s


Station 2:

1)     20 Reverse crunches

2)     :60 Six Inches

3)     20 Box Cutters


Station 3:

1)     20 Dips

2)     :60 Reverse Elbow Plank (these are a thing)

3)     20 Smurf Jacks


Station 4:

1)     20 LBC’s

2)     :60 People’s Chair

3)     20 Squats


-Around the block-


7:20 MARY: Broga Stuff



Prayers for the Catfish’s coworker family whose newborn twins will need healing. Prayers for LMU’s father, Doug who is improving every day. And last but not least the Gremlin is next Saturday, sign up if you’re interested.





A crew of 12 men broke free from the fart sack’s Saturday siren call for an odyssey around Concord. Nobody encountered the cyclops, and we stayed true to our course with the help of some new cones which shone brightly through the gloom. The journey today was meant to keep everyone moving and warm with a mix of active and isometric. Our adventure kept us mostly out of the parking decks, that while full of wonderful smells and discoveries, do not compete with the great outdoors. Everyone got about 4+ loops around the world before we were beckoned to our coffee-kingdom. Anyone who tracked feel free to post the mileage.


Thanks to all of you for your fellowship and allowing me to lead.




  • On January 24, 2021


  1. Catfish

    We logged just short of 4 miles

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