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F3 MeCa | June 10, 2021

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Change of Pace

  • When: 01/18/21
  • QIC: Gamma
  • The PAX: Tumbler, Deadhead, Birdcage, Pocahontas, Koozie, CPAP, JD, Flip Phone, Winger, Kojak, Exit 54, Gamma

12 made their way to Town Center to mix things up at Circuit Breaker

Quick review of the circuit at 0529, then go…

1 Mile warm-up Run

5 8-count Military Push-Ups
5 8-count WWIIs
5 8-count CDDs
5 8-count Air Squats
5 8-count Dips
1/4 Mile Run (easy pace)
10 8-count Body Builders
20 Mountain Climbers
30 SSHs
1/4 Mile Run (race pace)
Repeat until 0620

1/2 Mile cool-down Run


1. Thanks for playing along. Idea was to alternate the pace – slow exercises focusing on form and range of motion, followed by aerobic exercises and a sprint to get the heart rate up. As mentioned at coffee, you don’t have to do a lot reps to be effective, just need to do them right.

2. Everyone got at least two full cycles and some finished most of a third.

3. Tclaps to Flip Phone, Birdcage and Pocahontas on the pre-run. Pocahontas likes running. Running is his favorite.

4. Good to see Winger back out and that the family is feeling better.

5. Coffeeteria word of the day: halfassery. Also learned about micro-dips, free coffee and that the worst job in the world is the bathroom janitor at a certain truck stop in TN.

6. SSMinnow makes his triumphant return to lead at The Ridge tomorrow. Also, still a few Q spots open in our no-repeat-Q February.


  • On January 18, 2021

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