Mount Afton Challenge

On Saturday, January 9, 2021 the inaugural Mount Afton Challenge was held. The goal was to have a challenging and fun race for runners and ruckers, while most importantly supporting a great cause.

This event was a fundraiser for Bryce Werner and family (read more about Bryce here), who is the nephew of F3 Afton pax Tugboat Willie. Bryce is now 17 and has been battling a rare cancer for over 4 years. Even though Bryce was not able to join us in person, much of his family were there. He was definitely with us in spirit and we are beyond thrilled to announce that $3,250 was received as of the end of this event. These funds will be provided to Bryce’s family this week. We are truly humbled by the amazing generosity of our F3 Meca pax and the many others that supported this event, including several local businesses.

Since the planting of the seeds for this event back in September by Tugboat Willie, I don’t think anyone could have fully envisioned how it would all turn out.  YHC doesn’t have the words to adequately describe the amount of generosity with time, materials and money that was displayed by the pax for F3 Meca and many others in our community.  This couldn’t have happened without all of you… especially the pax from F3 Afton that stepped up at every turn.

We have a webpage with a more detailed summary.  Instead of repeating it all here, I ask that you take the extra minute to click the link below for a full recap of the day, included our big winners from the challenge.  <<< Please read

T-claps to all involved.  YHC has never been prouder to be associated with F3 and our region.  Let’s keep going… Aye!