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F3 MeCa | February 27, 2021

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A run/ruck of “leisure”

  • When: 7/1/20
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Hot Pack, Soprano, Jimmy Buffett, Chachi, Manwich, Chachi

Good thing the humidity held off this morning, it made things much easier…

Anyhoo, 6 men got drenched the moment they left their abodes and entered the gloom for a nice run or ruck.  Jimmy Buffett texted YHC about the ruckers route as it had been put out the night before that the runners were on their own as QIC was getting in a ruck before his Friday GoRuck Tough event.  He was curious to see if we could stick together some how.  Truth is, YHC had no route planned for the ruckers, but the thought of Greenway/Marquette loops came to mind and it was to be.  A nice mile+ route.  YHC mentioned trying to get 3 loops for the ruckers, which is to say, an aggressive 15 minutes or under pace, or just regular Chachi pace.  We attacked it and got 3 miles in, which was a damn WORKOUT!  Manwich and YHC did all they could to keep Chachi within shouting distance.  The runners looked to have attacked the mile loop in the same fashion with Hot Pack talking about 7:25 pace, whoa.  JB and Soprano knocked out over 4 miles themselves during the 45 minutes.  JB and HP wisely shed their shirts before the run, Soprano, who probably showers with a shirt on, predictably did not remove his.  That was anything but a leisurely effort this morning.  Well done gents!

COT: Prayers for the world at large and for relief from this virus.

Moleskin: Heckuva an effort from the six pack today in some crazy humid conditions.  YHC didn’t necessarily show up looking to “ruck for time” but that is how it worked out.  Thanks to Chachi and Manwich for providing the motivation.  We also got an unabridged version of Manwich’s resignation from his HOA Landscape committee, it was riveting…:) It was a solid last minute gear/apparel test for YHC. Looking to go commando for some temperature relief / swamp ass avoidance on Friday and the lubed up bits did just dandy. You can’t unread that. Also, the combo of my trusty Rocky Tactical boots didn’t jive well at all with the new mudgear rucking socks. Got the beginnings of a blister on my left heel after 1.5 hours of rucking. Can’t have that for a 12 hour event. Could have been tying the boot not tight enough and my foot sliding around. Either way, probably going to roll with some ordinary trail shoes and some injinji trail socks. Man, it was too hot for boots anyway. That’s why you gear test. See y’all next week✌️




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