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F3 MeCa | August 7, 2020

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Climb that mountain

  • When: 06/15/2020
  • QIC: SandBag
  • The PAX: Snape, Brinkley, Snowsuit, Poutine, Pony Boy, Juice, War-wick, SandBag

Most Sunday nights I sleep less than other nights of the week, running through my head all of the things I need to get done in the upcoming week.  I’ve learned from countless productivity books the best approach is always one step at a time.  So reading a BB from Rolling Stone inspired me to lift their workout liberally and climb up (and down) a mountain.   By 6:50 this morning, we had already done the hardest thing many of us would do all day.  The total volume was heavy, but each step was manageable.


Disclaimer was given and heavier weights were given to those who tried to sneak in dumbbells.  A reminder about gloves was given and we were off.



Mosey lap around the parking lot.  Stop at the last corner.

Corner 1 – 19 SSH  (high knees to corner 2)

Corner 2 – 10 IST, 10 WM

Corner 3 – 10 merkins, 10 pickers (butt kickers to corner 4)

Corner 4 – Squats 10

Center – 5 KB high pulls, 10 KB presses, 10 KB Curls




OH KB carry around parking lot



Climb the mountain

10 burpees + 50 mtn climbers

20 KB clean + reverse lunge + 50 mtn climbers

30 KB push press + 50 mtn climbers

40 KB sumo squats + high pull + 50 mtn climbers

50 KB swings + 50 mtn climbers

50 KB swings (no mtn climbers on the way down!)

40 KB goblet squats

30 KB chest press

20 KB snatch

10 KB merkins



Climate Change (hold Al Gore while PAX rotates through 5 burpees)

Mosey to get the blood flowing again in the legs



Heavy KB flutters

Freddie Mercurys

Todd Beamers

The W

Snape & Poutine called out an exercise but I was too tired to remember it.

2 min Plank led by Pony Boy





Prayers for Snape’s cousin Ronnie undergoing surgery today while battling cancer

Prayers for LNC seniors dealing with a tragic loss; and everyone else battling mental anguish and too much solitude.


Always a pleasure to lead such a fine group of men.  There was a decent amount of grumbling so I take it folks got their money’s worth.  TClaps to War-wick for sticking with all of the mountain climbers, not easy after being out for a while.




  1. Manwich

    Aye SandBag! Glad my BB inspired someone!

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