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F3 MeCa | March 27, 2020

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Where’s the beef? …I mean the Bun?…I mean MAN BUN?

  • When: 3/16/20
  • QIC: Othello,
  • The PAX: Gopher, Silas, Head and Shoulders, BLC, Crypyo, FNG Goose, Nimbus, Change Order, Babe, Rice-a-Roni, Othello

YHC had to fill in for the infamous ManBun who ditched his Piledriver responsibilities for something silly like steering clear of fellow Pax to protect himself and his family from the Coronavirus.  I get it, but not at 1am the night before.  However, as Site Q it is my responsibility to fill in where needed on Mondays.  I pulled up my big girl panties and posted at 0530 ready to go, went something like this:

Warm-o-rama (in random order)

  1. SSH x10 IC
  2. Merkin x10 IC
  3. Mt. Climbers x10 IC
  4. WindMill x10 IC
  5. IST  x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey over to the track. Find a bench and do the following ladder:
5 step-up’s each leg, 5 Decline Merkins, 5 Dips
Repeato with 10, then 15 reps.

2 line Indian (Native American) run around the track with a burpee off the back

Back at benches, line up on the soccer field sideline with a partner.
First Partner group calls an exercise, All P1’s does said exercise, All P2’s runs across the field and back
Next Partner group calls an exercise. Repeato
Repeato-repeato until all Partner groups get to call an exercise.
In between each exercise set YHC led the group in a stretch of some fashion, 5 stretches in all

Single line Indian Run back to the Flag

Mary – all x10IC

  • LBC’s, Bicycle, The W, The Squirm, Low Flutter, Box Cutter, 6inches



  1. Coronervirus, Coronervirus, Coronervirus
  2. Everything has been canceled due to the Coronervirus
  3. Run tomorrow at the HT – we will be stealing Manbun’s chickens along the way
  4. Silas will be making 6ft “git” sticks for us all

Socially Distant COT – YHC took us out 


  1. Thanks for everyones patience with all of the hoops we have to jump through with the Coronavirus.  We are learning as we go and being leaders along the way, AYE!
  2. Good to see Goose come out (aka Kevin).  Let’s give him some encouragement so that he keeps posting.  If we don’t he will say he caught the Corona and won’t come out any more.
  3. Always an honor
  4. I apologize for the weak BB.
  5. P.S. – where was ManBun?

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