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F3 MeCa | March 27, 2020

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St. Patty’s 1737

  • When: 3/17/20
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Luigi, Trick Daddy, Spud, Sir Topham, Squid, Tick, Mountie, BCR, Backdraft, Finish Line, Catfish, Hipbone, Grandmaster, Java, Hops

15 men and a Skywalker Passporter who weren’t scared of some potential rain and some other thing you’ve heard a bit about in the news posted for a St. Patty’s Day no “patty-patty” beatdown.

Mosey to rehab center for 20 SSH’s IC, 20 IST’s IC, 15 Slow Backdraft Sat. Nights….YHC partnered people up but told them to remain at a “social distance” and then spoke of the thang to come…mosey across lake concord and to road parallel to branchview for the thang.

First American St. Patty’s day was held in Boston in 1737 so we were attempting to achieve a total of 1737 combined partner reps made up of 4 exercises…broke them up into 8 sets of 217.

1st exercise, the merkin – complete 217 as a team (partner 1 perform merks while partner 2 runs to first streetlight on the left and back)

2nd exercise, the squat – 217, same as above

3rd exercise, Freddy Merks – 217, (left knee, right knee = 1) except for backdraft who i’m sure did single count)

4th exercise, SSH’s – 217….once completed with SSH’s start back over at merks and see what you can complete.

Mary called for at 0610…mary – Fire Chicken’s abdominal medley (pax instructed to keep feet in air unless told to drop or just can’t any longer)
Dying cockroaches x 17 (see what I did there? It’s march 17th, haha) IC, Freddy merks x 17 IC, hello dollies x 17 IC, low flutters x 17 IC and LBC’s x 17 IC….recover, recover

Prayers/announcements: Prayers for all who have been affected by the COVID-19 one way or another which is pretty much everyone at this point due to the complete disruption of daily life as we know it.  Pray that the LORD gives people strength that have it and for the doctors/scientists not name Indy coming up with a cure/vaccine.  Reach out to any elderly neighbors, family, friends, etc who are more at risk to see what you can do for them.  Any and all F3 activities have now officially been postponed for 2 weeks as we do our best to slow the spread, this includes F3 Albemarle launch.

Moleskin: Aimed super high today for the reps, 1737 but if you don’t set your goal high you’ll never achieve it.  Supposedly the Spanish celebrated St Patty’s day first way back in like 1600 or something in Florida, which just happens to be where O’l Blue is, but I decided to recognize the official First American celebration which was in Boston in 1737.  All pax completed at least one full cycle and had 2 groups make it back to freddy merks…Java should thank BD cause there’s no way his counting was on point, he was counting by two’s for sure.  Props to Hip as well that had to crank out about 300 of his and tricks 434 they had to do total as a team…apparently Trick only knows how to run in Brazil so he was good for about 1-10 reps after his second set.  Was great to have BCR back out and YHC figured it was so he could witness my 3rd sticker Q but he came for selfish reasons like the fact that it was his 5 year anniversary…so whatever…thanks anyway.  But seriously, congrats on that for sure.  Our frequent flyers…catfish and finish line somehow got paired together which looking back was a genius move by YHC as they can give that virus back and forth to themselves as there’s got to be at least a 95% chance one of them have had it by now.  YHC got paired up with our passporter, Luigi, and he did awesome today.   Squid and Sir Topham posted even with the threat of rain as I thought for sure they’d be in the lack of infection control gym called Planet Fitness so it was good to see them.
That leaves me to the following 3 men…El Ab, Psycho-T, and Private Ryan who apparently were too good to show up for my Q for unknown reasons…was it to social distance, fear of getting wet, scared of a great beatdown…we’ll never know.  Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, they almost lost their lives while running the deck after “almost” being attacked by the largest doberman pinscher running free in the parking deck at 0545 in Cabarrus county.  Apparently this was  disciplined doberman b/c as sooner as the owner yelled for it the attack was called off.  I’m quite sure it was probably a weiner dog that was a half block away but the doberman that charged them as they rounded the corner in the deck was a much better story from them…either way next time you skip my Q don’t have the audacity to join us at GWC…take your arse’s to hardee’s…haha.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST….if you need toilet paper please contact DEER TICK as he has a warehouse full of it….apparently he’s the one that’s been emptying all of the Food Lion’s..

Till next time….whenever that is…stay safe my brothers

Always an honor!

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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