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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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“Not in the park, not in the dark, not in the woods, even if I could, I don’t like Monkey Humpers at all!”

  • When: 02/10/20
  • QIC: Chum
  • The PAX: Othello, Head & Shoulders, Big Tuna, Gopher, Man Bun, Blue Crush, Change Order, Silas, Chum,

How ’bout by a lake? While eating cake?

Then I’d look like a flake while eating cake!

Or while driving a car?

That’s just taking it too far!

On a boat? On a shiny new boat?

Not on a boat! Even a shiny new boat!

“Not in a car! Not by a lake! Or while eating cake! I do not like them Q! I do not like them at all! I do not like Monkey Humpers!” said one pax to the Q

So we did them twice:) Along with a few other things:

  • Warmup Mosey around the track (forwards and backwards)
  • One legged step-ups on the benches
  • mosey to the memorial for a bit of Canned Tuna (because it stinks opening the same weinke everytime we do this) so we also did Monkey Humpers
  • A short mosey over to the trucks to pick a few CMU coupons for today’s activities
    • oops! more pax than coupons means those sans CMU must ping pong on the pre-determined landmarks along the way
  • 3 moseys later and we were feeling a bit froggy at the pull-up station
    • All partnered up and nowhere to go but backward, in segments
    • P1 works on his pullups or hanging rows while
    • P2 advances the CMU coupon frogger style 20 steps then
    • jogs back to swap with P1.
    • rinse and repeat till the pair have advanced their CMU all the way back to the bridge (approx. 100yds)
  • Time for another chummy game of block golf, with a partner
    • P1 carries his coupon up from the chains to the tee while
    • P2 holds plank on his on coupon
    • P1 runs back to get P2 and his coupon
    • when all pax are gathered at the top tee, YHC called for more Monkey Humpers, this time in the dark, in the woods. Yeah, it was like that.
  • Block Golf hole #2
    • Relay Teams (team of 4 vs team of 5)
    • each team must get their blocks to the chains, one at a time.
    • Last man in each team will run empty to the chains then come back to get the whole team
  • Return Moseys back to the flag with those sans CMU running ping pong

Time for COT, and a little belly aching about calling for monkey humpers for the first time in 2020.




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