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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Windy and Leggy

  • When: 02/07/20
  • QIC: Booyah
  • The PAX: Gopher, Hugo, Othello, Chum

On the slack channel I recommended everyone bring a headlamp because I assumed we’d be dealing with torrential rains and storm damage to dodge but no rain or damage was around.  STRONG wing gusts were afoot however so we still had a challenge.  In fact .. despite the best efforts of Othello, Chum and Hugo it was too gusty to risk the flags lest they be lifted by the wind and a shovel catapulted into someone not expecting it.



I’m not a kettlebell guy so I’m heavy on the googling when it comes to these things.

Goblet Squat x10

Racked Squat x10 each leg

Racked Reverse Lunge x10 each leg

Grocery Tote carry across parking lot and back

Bob and Weave x10.  This could have gone better

Side Lunge x10 each leg

Rotation lunge x10 each leg

Grocery Tote carry across parking lot and back

Good Mornings x10 two sets

Double Lunge x10 each leg

Thruster x10 each leg/arm

Tote carry

Lunge and Press x10 each leg

Good Mornings x20

Tote Carry

Tricep extention x10

Chest Press x10

American Hammer x10

American Hammer x15

American Hammer x20

Tote Carry




KBs aren’t my best so thanks for putting up with my Qs.  I keep saying I’ll get better and someday I promise I will.  T-Claps to Gopher for showing up five days in a row IN HIS FIRST WEEK!  Kotters to Hugo.  I hate you had to come back for a funeral but we were certainly glad to see you.  See ya’ll in a couple of weeks.

Adam Butler

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